Thanks to my incredible foresight and pure laziness/unwillingness to go into a store to purchase anything I was one of the select few hundred people on this planet that received a PS5 on Launch day and whilst I was initially absolutely adoring all 3 PS5 games that were released around launch… it’s actually been the games that have been getting PS5 upgrades (free or otherwise) that I have been smashing throughout the past couple of months.

So I wanted to give a huge shoutout to those games that came out with  upgrades that have blown me away, I am going to present this in a list format so that I can keep my focus on each title with minimal effort but without further ado:

Marvel’s Avengers:

I won’t bother saying much on this one really… instead I will link over to Mikey’s updated review for 2021 which covers off my thoughts on the upgrade:

Devil May Cry V:

Hes got style hes got grace, he’ll stab you in the face

Upgrading the console version of DMC V to a consistent 60 fps and adding in Vergil as a playable character for every level is something that I didn’t know how much I needed until I got it.

I was one of the few naysayers on DMC V who didn’t think it was as good as everyone was saying but after playing through this version (3 times in the past week HA!) I have to say that I now honestly believe DMC V to be the best iteration of Devil May Cry and this easily stands head and shoulders above all other Devil May Cry games.

Yakuza Like a Dragon:

About to give BTS a run for their money

 I reviewed Like A Dragon for the Xbox one WAYYYY back when it was originally released for the console and in that review I specified that every change they made in the series was for the better and Yakuza 7 was the best Yakuza game ever made.

Well… now I have all the delicious updated graphics, new FPS norms and minimal loading screens, it has proven that even though the game had taken 50 hours of my life on my original playthrough… I was more than happy to replay those 50 hours all over again.


Somewhere, some architect is really proud of this

Control is my favourite action game of the last generation, it has my favourite story and I think the world is absolutely top notch.

They have taken all this, given me a fresh set of trophies and all the lovely upgrades I wanted and honestly that’s all I need to say about this delightful title.

Days Gone:

This one belongs on this list because of the upgrades that have been added to the game – however, a lot of my issues that arose on my original playthrough of 50% of the title are still there and whilst I really really want to love it…. Losing my save has made playing through this game again a little unpalatable.

Honorable Mention: Assassins Creed Valhalla.

“I’m going to enter so many drinking contests”

I played 40 hours on each version of Valhalla – PS4 was before I got my hands on the new console then the remainder of the game was once I had it and I honestly believe that the PS5 version of this game is the ONLY way that AC Valhalla should be experienced.

Better load times, phenomenal graphics and all round better combat thanks to an improved FPS makes this title an absolute must play for fans of any action game… just don’t bother with the last gen version.

So there we have it, all the games I have been binging over the past couple of weeks to my hearts content – I know there are a load of new upgrades to look forwards too but let me know what you have been enjoying in the comments below!

I purposefully haven’t mentioned Spider-Man on this article as that is such an easy choice for me and I feel I have taken up enough of everyone’s time explaining my love for that game.