I’m still going Batfans! I am still addicted to Batman and I genuinely can’t get enough of it. In the past week I finished Arkham City and I can safely say that it’s still my favourite of all the Arkham games, the way you can fly around the city taking down villains is just fantastic.

I loved the inclusion of the some of Batman’s best villains in City and how the story all leads up to the ending we never saw coming: The Joker’s death! Still blows my mind that the game was brave enough to do this, let alone do it so well. It still really affects me when I see Bats walking through the doors carrying Joker’s limp body. Its making me feel sad just talking about it on here.

I’ve also read all of Batman Incorporated now and wow, the death of Damian Wayne hits home real hard as well. It was such a good story leading to the sacrifice of yet another Robin and using this to show Batman at his absolute worst is the pinnacle of some of the storytelling I have read recently. Alongside this, I got my hands on Batman’s Grave which is incredible and might just be the best Batman story I have ever read (yes I only have issue one shut your damn mouth). I refuse to spoil any of it as I know it’s quite new so it’s something that many of you Batfans may not have read at this point.

Alongside all of this I have begun catching up on all the Batman lore I can get my hands on as well, the Batman Wiki page burning itself into my retinas over the past week. I have also been debating Batman’s rogues gallery until the cows come home as well which, as it turns out, has become a new love for me.

I started playing Arkham Knight as well this week which I remember hating when it originally came out. This feeling of hatred I had towards the game though has meant that I have been really enjoying myself as I expected to hate it and knew about the Batmobile bits so I went in and it surprised me how much I loved it – let’s see where I stand with it next week once I have finished it though.

Lance keeps banging on at me to watch Hush so I plan to get into that over the weekend so he can finally discuss the film with me and I can give my thoughts on it.

So that’s me for another week then, stay tuned next week to see me gush over the cowl once again! I might jump into some of the Family stuff over the next week or so, I expect ill be gushing over Nightwing and Batgirl before long as well!

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