Livestreaming on websites like Twitch and YouTube is a great way to showcase your gaming skills, make new friends, and also create some fun and interesting moments. For some people, they might develop a rather large audience and might consider going professional with their streaming careers. While you don’t need to have a professional stream to make a living from it, it can help you draw in new audiences and also find sponsorships.

So to help you out, we’re going to share a couple of tips that will help you make your livestream a lot more professional.

Use professional transitions, intros and outros

You may notice that many broadcasters have unique transitions, intros and outros that set their streams apart from the rest. There are services like Radio Jingles that can help you create unique and silly voice clips that you can add to these transitions to make it look more like a professional stream or TV show.

Stick to a schedule as best as you can

It’s important to try and stick to a schedule as best as you can when it comes to streaming. Although a lot of people just stream whatever hours they want, sticking to a schedule and being predictable means that your viewers are more likely to catch you in the future because they know when you’ll be online. It doesn’t need to be long hours, but as long as you’re streaming a few hours a day around the same time, you’ll start to build a natural audience.

Add an overlay to your stream

There are lots of unique overlay designs that you can use on your stream to make it look more professional. Overlays usually include a little frame around your stream that shows things such as your latest followers and donators. You might also want to include a little graphic with your name around your webcam feed. Overlays can make your stream look nice, but it’s a good idea to avoid basic templates and to make something unique.

Start interacting with your chat more

Interacting with your chat is one of the most enjoyable things about streaming. Make sure you talk to them, welcome them to your stream, and also answer questions. This will make your viewers feel a bit more connected to you which can encourage them to come back in the future. It also creates a more professional vibe around your livestream which means more viewers in the future that will be impressed.

Record clips and playthroughs, then add them to YouTube

Many streamers play through the latest games and then save their playthroughs or create highlight clips that are then uploaded to a video platform such as YouTube. This generates more views and revenue for them thanks to YouTube’s own monetization. It also allows you to create unique clips that can be shown on social media. This helps to improve your presence and gets you noticed by a larger crowd, resulting in more viewers.

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