Apparently there’s some global pandemic going on, not heard much about it…. Look seriously we are all very concerned for what may happen here in the UK but inevitably this is going to lead to more game time. So we ask, is this the time to blow the dust of those MMOs and dive deep into grind land?!

Ok I’m famous for not liking online games, especially not MMOs, however there’s a strong possibility I MIGHT try FF XIV. My first plan is to clear a huge back log of games starting with (finishing) Bloodborne and probably ending with Sekiro (there are lots of other games in between such as DOOM Eternal and Control) but I may be indoors for a long time and I may well want to interact with other people, so after a lot of badgering from others it may well be time for me to get past the first hour of FF XIV. It has to be better than elder scrolls online and Fallout 76 doesn’t it?

That last loaf of bread wouldn’t be easy to get…

Thanks but I’m good, as it will take more than the end of the world to get me on an MMO. I have plenty of single players games that have their own grinding to be getting on with in, so why would I want to throw other humans into that mix?! As I’m currently trying to juggle a blend of Assassins Creed: Origins, Final Fantasy XII and Doom Eternal (and only getting a mediocre experience in each) the last thing I need is yet another game to try to sink some of my time into.

The lowest possible thing on my list of regrets if the world ends will be giving MMO’s another chance.

Streets are looking quieter these days huh?

MMOs? Nah – there’s none that appeal. But I am enjoying multiplayer games with friends at the moment: Armello is a classic, pick-up-and play, title for when you just want board game action with mates; Stellaris is nice to organise a one-on-one matchup with once a week, especially with the new Federations DLC just out; and Jackbox and Dead by Daylight have been go-to experiences too.

Whilst a lot of us are in self-quarantine and lock-down, I guess the reality is we’re not alone: We still keep in touch with our friends and family thanks to robust social media networks. If an MMO hasn’t done enough to hook us in before, chances are it’s not going to magically appeal now. And honestly, Final Fantasy 14 aside…what MMOs are there even out there worth giving a look these days anyway?

Looks like my nan’s idea of a grand old time

I’m going to be brutally honest, the thought of self isolating doesn’t worry me too much. I’m not the most social person in the world so the idea of playing a bunch of single player games sounds wonderful. Much like Alexx, why would I want to ruin that by inviting other people into the mix? Oh and before you say “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”, well I’ve tried both Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft (don’t know which one) and didn’t enjoy either. So unless you’re one of the few people I enjoy playing FIFA with online (you know who you are) then just leave me alone to finally finish The Witcher 3. Thanks.

“I told you I’M the pretty boy you feathery F*ck!”

ALRIGHT! I caved! After what feels like years, I finally gave into Luke’s pestering and got myself on Final Fantasy 14, and you know what?! It’s okay.

If i have to spend any amount of time in lock down, you can bet your last few caps that I’ll be mooching about in this MMO stabbing animals to feast upon the sweet sweet EXP that lies within. Not only will that ease my boredom but it’ll also refill my social energy tanks now and then when i game alongside Luke & Colin as they show me around this fairly pretty world that I’ve taken my first tentative steps into. Maybe I won’t give it the attention or respect it truly deserves, but I’ll be sure to enjoy every minute of it as I find out. Besides, My sword isn’t 6ft long yet, so I’ve got plenty of upward momentum to go.

Oh and DOOM, I’ll play some DOOM too…

Social Distancing comes into place at cons too.

Like my colleagues Mikey and Alexx, I’m also a social introvert, so the idea of playing a MMO has never been a huge appeal to me. I’d rather spend my time grinding to try and get that elusive Platinum trophy. If I was to be tempted by a MMO, then I’d probably go for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which sounds like it has improved a lot since its initial release. But you will more likely find me hunting on Red Dead Redemption 2, or trying to lift another trophy on FIFA until we get the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake in a few weeks.

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