At Respawning we’ve all been obsessed with Fallout 76 over the last couple of days… And during many of our 15 hour binges on the game, we’ve been discussing our favourite moments from the Fallout series; this could be entire storylines or even just small moments during a quest – As long as it happened in the wasteland it’s fair game.

…And honestly some of these were just too good not to share with you guys:


Well, we say all… All apart from me, Respawning’s resident slowpoke. My current and only experience with Fallout has been watching my friend’s brother running around the map in Fallout 4 in a murderous rampage killing all the beautiful creatures for a trophy. One could say he was Trophy hunting (Hehe puns).


So, I guess I’m one of Respawning’s resident Fallout Experts; neat!

Fallout’s a damn good franchise- do I go with that time in Fallout: New Vegas that you can convince a dude to hide an armed grenade in his coat?

What about that time you bashed Walt Disney to death with a 9-iron?

Or the time you reprogrammed a 30-foot robot with laser eyes to shoot a Zepplin out of the sky?

No, there’s one moment that beats them all. The true peak of everything Fallout.

Image result for The MAster fallout

In Fallout 1, you are able to defeat the final boss, The Master, using your words alone. He’s no brute, no Bowser- he’s an intelligent, cultured man with philosophies, and goals, and moral reasons for what he does. You can approach him as an equal, talk in a civil manner, and help him uncover the fatal flaw in his plan, at which point he admits he was wrong and allows you to go free. It’s fantastic.

See, the master’s plan is to assimulate all of the wasteland into his army of Super Mutants- a race stronger, more resiliant, and more unified that unmutated humans, perfectly equipped to survive in the wasteland. He is defeated not by brute force (well, he can be if you want. This is Fallout 1 we’re talking about here), but by his own honest mistake. He is not evil, simply misguided by a simple error- he didn’t realize that Super Mutants are sterile, and thus can never survive in the wasteland longer than a single generation.

“But, it cannot be… that would mean all my work is for nothing. Everything I’ve tried… a Failure. It can’t be…”


“I don’t think I can go on. To do the things I’ve done in the name of Healing and progress… it was madness. I see that now.”

“Leave now. While you still have hope.”

The Master is one of the most chillingly written character in all of video games. If you haven’t already, pick up Fallout 1 and 2 on the cheap. You’ll love it, with time.


I’m not the biggest Fallout fan but I’ve had my fair share of good moments with the series. My favourite game in the series is New Vegas cause I’m one of those guys, and, well, the whole experience was my favourite thing about the game cause playing the character I wanted to play just really put a smile on my face.

Because I have a slight obsession with cowboys I played my entire adventure as an outlaw. Using hunting rifles and revolvers and dressing up like a cowboy. Those were the days. Now I have Red Dead to fulfil my cowboy desires. Brokeback style.


I’m probably not going to be picking up Fallout 76 as I tend to never to take online-only games, however I am a humongous fan of 3, New Vegas and 4… So it’s hard to pick favourite moments as I’m getting old and they kind of mash into one big mess of fun, with a great open world and many enjoyable moments. Things that pop out when I cast my mind back include the giant Deathclaw fight in 4 being an absolute blast, and it taking a nuke like an absolute champ.

For me though it’s always been the smaller moments, like the first time you have a fight break out in an abandoned super market and it makes you feel like you’re in your favourite post apocalyptic movie. The biggest moment for me has to be deciding to blow up Megaton – Jeez did I sweat over that and I chose not to do it! Because I care, ok!