Time sure does fly when you’re spending ungodly hours gaming; we’re already 11 days into January and so many games have been unveiled to be releasing this year that it’s difficult to keep track of them all! So, with the new year well underway, we’ve decided to feed into the hype a little, and bring you our most anticipated games of 2019!


Kingdom Hearts 3. KINGDOM HEARTS 3. After years of waiting we finally have it, the final instalment in the Xehanort saga. My hype is at a next level due to the fact that i played through the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 / 2.5 Remix last year so the story is super prominent in my mind. Plus i’m just excited to see what they’re going to do with the series and the combat system. My main area of hype for it however is just how carefree it makes me feel, I love the kid-like worlds and I am especially excited to spend hours in the Pixar worlds. I am super hyped.


There’s a lot of awesome games due this year, but so far, I’m probably most excited for a new Animal Crossing! It’s been so long since the release of New Leaf on the 3DS – 7 long years, infact – that a new entry into the series would be simply amazing. As a Switch title, it’d have the portability, yet the capability of a console release, allowing what could indeed be the biggest and best Animal Crossing experience yet. There’s rumours that you’ll no longer be mayor, with Tortimor or Isabelle taking that job, and honestly that’s fine – Being mayor never really mattered, as you’ve always been the one fixing up the towns regardless. It’d be nice to have a larger or better integrated ‘town’ area, with shops and that feeling more like they’re a part of your village, and it’d be great if they allowed us to summon specific villagers using those cards they made for Amiibo festival or something like that. I guess we’ll see what they end up doing with the title later this year!


Dear diary. This year I’m hype for The Outer Worlds. Oh yes big story boys Obsidian have taken back their title with open world character driven games and seem to be saying a big ol’ fuck you to Bethesda and what they’ve done to the Fallout franchise. With an interesting art style and the chance to blast about space as a morally ambiguous gun slinger, you can bet your little cotton socks that I’m pissing my space pants with excitement… And some piss. This always happens when I think about shooting people in the face… In space.


Like Javier above, I’m counting down every minute until Kingdom Hearts 3 – Ever since I was engrossed by Kingdom Hearts 2 I’ve wanted to see Sora pushed to his limits, Keyblade in hand – Having gotten hands-on with the game at last year’s EGX, and adamantly torn every trailer fed to me into shreds looking to see any sort of insight into Kingdom Hearts 3, my hype simply cannot be contained any longer. Testuya Nomura! You’ve taken my money, now take my soul again!



Tune into this week’s podcast when it goes live to find out my most hyped games of 2019! The likes of which range from Resident Evil 2 right through to Sekiro! It’s an audio treat!