We all thought it would never happen but Darksiders 3 is almost upon us and after we watched this franchise get repeatedly stuck in development hell we can’t wait to finally get our hands on it… But then we all thought: What other games series would we love to see revived from the dead?


I guess this could be just because i’m still riding that Spyro high… But i’d love to see a new ORIGINAL Spyro. Now I know Spyro has been revived and revived and we are currently on Skylanders Spyro but I’d like to see them strip it all back and return to Spyro roots… Make an old style Spyro but for the current gaming world.


I recently spoke in a big-ass article (’21 games that defined my youth’) about my love of Gex: Enter the Gecko, a 3D platformer from the early PS1 days – Unfortunately, Gex’s next title, ‘Deep Cover Gecko’, was his last. Big F for my mans.
I think it’s high time the suave-talking, wall-crawling, tongue- grabbing gecko made his glorious 4K return, and see what we can do with 3 extra generations of Playstation backing him up. Yooka-Laylee was shite, so we might as well give it a go.


Since Capcom has been on a roll lately (Except for their fighting game division) I feel like if they nailed a Rival Schools revival it would make me wanna bust the force of a 1000 nuts. Also Capcom needs a good fighting game to really go back into their stride.


Monster Rancher! This franchise was like Pokemon on steroids – you raised one of a variety of creatures in an indepth life-sim like gameplay style, deciding what they ate, what they trained in, sending them out for special missions to get stronger/find items, and you competed with others in various cups. The more you won, the more famous your monster became, opening up unique quests and the like. There was even an anime adaptation! It was a pretty awesome series, with PS1’s Monster Rancher 2 (just Monster Rancher in PAL regions) being the best of the franchise in my opinion. And whilst the franchise reached the PC, PS2, Gameboy and DS, it hasn’t seen seen any new entries since 2011’s phone spin off, My Monster Rancher.

With the re-emerging popularity of Pokemon and Digimon, it makes sense for this third franchise to make a come back – come on, Koei Tecmo, make it happen!