I picked up Overwatch finally a couple months ago after a small amount of pressure from friends, and I do not regret it!. As a campaign less online game Overwatch has a certain amount of longevity to it that other games, in my opinion, just don’t. It could be because Blizzard seems to have found some kind of magic spell to captivate players, or, maybe they’re just really really smart. I think it’s a mixture of, super cute characters, regular character reworks, regular free DLC and fun seasonal events that keep the game fresh for old and new players alike. Not to mention, all the high-quality story material outside of the game itself, like the shorts and the comics. Due to the short and quick gameplay, overwatch is also the only game I’ve really been able to play this month due to putting in some long working hours. As its the month of ghosts and ghouls, I wanted to talk about my opinions on the current Halloween event!

Firstly, I want to talk about my favourite new skins!! Let’s start with Pumpkin Mei, I LOVE THIS, I think she looks super adorable, the skin is a pretty simple rework and as Mei is pretty iconic I think embodying an equally iconic Halloween symbol is fitting!

To pair with this, another new favourite of mine is Jack-o-Lantern Wrecking ball! When I first opened Overwatch after the Halloween event started, I was so excited to see the super cute in his scarecrow reminiscent outfit nibbling away at the top of the pumpkin. I think they chose well to use this little animation for the home screen, it’s both adequately Halloweeny and also, endearing.

Junkenstein finally got a Bride this year in the form of Sombra! This skin worked really really well for me, and I couldn’t see it working quite so well on another character. I like that they kept it reasonably simple and pretty close to popular culture imagery.

The Last skin I want to mention is Pharah’s Enchanted Armour! It’s just such a cool design, well thought out, well executed. She’s the perfect character for this skin, and I really like how they’ve just kept a straight up classical haunted armour design. Even though the imagery is nothing new, its still one of my favourite skin designs for this year’s release.

There are also lots of new player icons, like Witchamari, voice lines, and cute new sprays to add to your collection and loot boxes contain character themed candy. But the last thing that I want to add, of note, in regards to character updates is Bastions Zombie Emote. No word of a lie, this has to be the best emote for me in the entire games!. It’s brilliantly endearing, as you’d expect it involves Bastion doing a zombie impression. What REALLY makes this emote, though, is little Ganymeade, who also walks along like a little zombie on the floor next to Bastion! It’s just super adorable!.

Let’s talk about the featured game mode, Junkensteins Revenge. Standard version allows you to pick a difficulty mode, before working your way through a set of predetermined bosses. As mentioned before I only picked up Overwatch this year so the game mode is pretty fresh for me! I found a bit of a jump in difficulty between normal and hard mode, however, I feel that this may be down to my ability to carry a poor team on normal mode, but I’m not very good yet so unable to do this in hard mode. Also, I think we all know the struggles of poor teamwork when playing with strangers on the internet. I like that there is a reduced availability in character in this mode, I’ve felt its enabled me to branch out and learn characters that I would not normally play, and as a result, I’ve gotten pretty good with Soldier 76 and Ana. However, I feel this mode gets pretty dry pretty quickly with the same boss order and the same tactics etc. I much prefer endless mode, you win this by completing 12 waves, anything else is extra. I like this mode because after the initial regular format they start throwing bosses at you left right and center. It gets progressively and more chaotic, it’s a lot of fun.

Overall I’m really enjoying this festive theme Overwatch shake up and I’m looking forward to Christmas now!