For what seems like the longest time now, I have felt like I have just been going through the motions when I play videogames. Yeah there is the odd standout performer of the generation that sticks with me (The Witcher 3, Bloodborne and Spider-Man to name a few), but on a whole I found that I will push through a game quickly and then instantly begin the next one, pretty much forgetting the experience I have just completed.

I think this is why Final Fantasy XIV has caught me so off guard; it’s a game I didn’t expect to love quite a much as I do despite writing about how much I have loved playing with my wife – I have found myself spending every moment I can travelling back to Eorzea just because the game has infected my every waking thought.

I get that the majority of people who are interested in the game simply cannot afford the time needed for it to get to the point of being AMAZING (I’ve sunk in 3 days and 3 hours since February), however I honestly believe the game is one of those “something for everyone” kinds of games, and this is the reason it has me so endeared to video games once again.

I no longer feel like I am just plodding through the next AAA Open World game, instead I always have something I can do and something to focus on regardless of how much time I have spare. If I only have an hour or so I just plough through a couple of hunts or some story driven content – Have a few hours? I do a few dungeon runs with my friends and guildmates (ROL REPRESENT), and I feel there is just an infectious sense of… Well just pure fun.

Ever since I have started to play it, every other game on my release radar has taken a bit of a back seat in my list of priorities and until I have gotten too and beaten all the endgame content – I don’t see myself picking up anything else.

FFXIV has reminded me why I love video games so much, and has provided me with the escapism that I love the medium for.

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