Can a thief become a hero? That’s up to you in Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, out now on Nintendo Switch:

Quest for Glory meets Harry Potter in Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, an open-world adventure/RPG from veteran game designers Lori and Corey Cole.

Street-smart young adult Shawn O’Conner is trying to gain entry into the Thieves Guild when a shadowy stranger makes a tantalizing offer: Enroll in the prestigious Hero University and become an honorable Rogue instead of a thief.

Join Shawn for a whirlwind education into the tools, tricks, and ethics of the Rogue class. Explore Hero University’s vast castle by day or under cover of night. Befriend your classmates, romance them, or hold them at arm’s length. Practice your skills and protect the University to prove that you are Hero material. How you choose to play will determine Shawn’s success at Hero-U.

But there’s even more to the story. Why was Shawn handpicked to attend Hero University? What happened to his missing father, and what legacy did Dad leave behind? What are the dark secrets in the catacombs beneath the Hero-U castle? The answers to these questions and more lie within the castle walls — if you can find them.

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption screenshot


  • A charming fantasy story, set in the same universe as the acclaimed Quest for Glory series, that changes based on player decisions and play style.
  • Humorous dialogue and pun-filled descriptions that will delight fans of fantasy writers like Terry Pratchett and Piers Anthony.
  • Open-world exploration with a real-time day/night cycle that has hints of Persona and The Sims. There’s much more happening in Hero University’s hallowed halls than you’ll see in one playthrough!
  • Hybrid adventure/RPG gameplay with role-playing elements woven into the story and puzzles.
  • Optional turn-based combat — seek it out for an RPG experience or stealthily avoid it to stick to the adventure.
  • Supplement Shawn’s skills with an optional elective (Magic, First Aid, or Science) — but only if he passes his tests.
  • Controls and UI optimized for Nintendo Switch — play in either handheld or console mode, using the touch screen or Joy-Con controllers.
Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption screenshot

A Bit of History
Hero-U’s designers, Lori and Corey Cole, are a husband-and-wife team who have been playing roleplaying games together for 40 years. In 1989 they joined adventure game juggernaut Sierra On-Line to create Quest for Glory, a million-selling adventure/RPG game series that melded humor and drama in an immersive high fantasy adventure. These were some of the first games to combine role-playing mechanics with adventure game exploration and puzzle solving.

Lori and Corey also designed Shannara, based on the fantasy novels by Terry Brooks, for adventure game studio Legend Entertainment. Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, which was successfully crowdfunded with two Kickstarter campaigns, originally released for PC on Steam and GOG in 2018. The Coles are currently developing a spin-off sequel, Summer Daze at Hero-U, coming this summer to PC, mobile devices, and the Nintendo Switch.