Over the past few days, a lot of people on my Twitter have called the recent E3/Summer of Gaming the worst E3 in recent years… I don’t know what shows they were watching but I had an absolute blast watching all the shows and getting hyped about every game I possibly can.

So with this in mind I thought it time to reflect on the first couple of days of shows and write a quick list of every single title I have become hyped about, we still have a few more days of this yet so expect another writeup to come on Saturday once the show is over and I have had a chance to digest everything.

This list isn’t in any kind of order, just whatever comes to mind first…


Let’s be honest here, the only reason I am even writing this article is so I can gush over Elden Ring. The trailer that dropped for this title is EVERYTHING I hoped for and the fact it’s coming out in a little over 6 months is absolutely mindblowing to me.

The world looks beautiful juxtaposed with bosses that looks savage and mean, Elden Ring is very easily going to be my favourite game that releases in 2022 and it’s out in JANUARY!

Inject it directly into my veins please.

Guardians of the Galaxy

When I saw the Marvel logo appear in the Square Enix presentation, I felt a little put off as I was expecting something similar to the Avengers title and I have already been stung by this before.

However, as the presentation went on, it became clear that Eidos and Square have learned from every monumental mistake that happened in Avengers and instead are using the Guardians to launch a SINGLE PLAYER STORY WITH NO DLC OR MICROTRANSACTIONS.

To which the entire internet erupted with: THIS IS WHAT AVENGERS SHOULD HAVE BEEN!

I am also going to do a full right up of how I feel about the GoTG game over the next few days as I have a lot to say about this game but as of right now, I think the game I am most hyped for in the rest of 2021 is the Guardians game…


Arkane are making an open world RPG where you fight vampires.

That’s it. That’s all I need to say.

Stranger of Paradise: A Final Fantasy Origin Story

When I saw this trailer and the million times the protagonist mentioned wanting to kill chaos I felt put off but as I read more into this game and found out it’s looking to be a story driven soulslike with Final Fantasy elements made by Team Ninja, the guys who made the best of all the soulslikes (Nioh and Nioh 2)….

My appetite came back for this title.

Follow this with a demo launch at the same time, I am very excited to see a little more about what this title actually is…

If you are, I will be streaming it tonight on our channels!


“Skyrim in Space” and a “Han Solo simulator” is enough to make me want this game Bethesda have done some great work in restoring my faith thanks to their show.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2

I never played the original but this game looks like it is going to tick all the right boxes for me in terms of horror, thriller and post apocalyptic mechanics, I appreciate that this isn’t the right thing to say but it feels a bit like the Metro titles and that has me incredibly excited.

Babylons Fall

Babylons Fall looks, to me, like what Godfall should have been all along. A loot based live service title with combat by Platinum Games? Oh jesus yes. Please.

Platinum haven’t steered me wrong yet and I honestly think they are the best action game developers going so them dipping their toes into the live service game styles is only going to get me hype.