We seldom promote products here on Respawning but I have been trialling PRISM Blue Light Glasses, kindly provided to us through our friends at The Gaming Athlete (thegamingathlete.com). Advertised as being able to protect eyes from prolonged blue light exposure, I have been wearing them during assorted gaming sessions of varying lengths and differing levels of light in my gaming space, to see if they do anything for me.

As if having minimal natural skill with video games isn’t already difficult enough to deal with, as time constantly marches me through my 30’s I have intermittently been experiencing faint headaches while gaming. Since I have started wearing the PRISM Glasses I am able to feel more comfortable gaming through long sessions without my eyes feeling like they’re attempting to rebel against me.

Gaming winner!
Gaming loser

(Photos better showcasing product available on The Gaming Athlete website)

Founded by retired Exeter Chiefs rugby player, Don Armand, with a vision (no pun intended) to improve and empower gamer performance through top quality apparel, The Gaming Athlete is the first of its kind when it comes to creating comfortable and attractive clothing, inspired by gamers, for gamers.

Prism Blue Light Glasses (also available in a kids size) are available now, along with a great selection of other gear over on The Gaming Athlete’s website. I can recommend them to all gamers for both on and off the consoles as they’re very comfortable and look great!

Website – www.thegamingathlete.com

Twitch –TheDonJu1

The Gaming Athlete Twitter – @The_GasOfficial

Don’s Twitter – @Don_Armand

Written by Alexx.