In this year’s EA Play we got to see a new weapon, a new battle pass, a new mode and the newest legend!

We’re shown a new limited time event known as the Legendary Hunt, if you place in the top 5 of any match you are eligible to play in the Legendary Hunt where you’ll be pitted against the best of the best in the game!

We also get to access a bunch of new skins like this badass piece of gear:

Season 2 Details: Season 2 is called Battle Charge and it’s coming out July 2nd! Balance changes, a new weapon, a new mode, and a new legend should be expected!

Look at this beautiful beast.

The new weapon is called the L-Star, a super rare weapon that will only be available in care packages because it’s so damn OP!

The latest mode in the game being introduced is a Ranked mode!

And the latest legend in the game is Wattson! She specializes in building defenses to give your opponents a tough time getting in.

You can plant up to 12 nodes to build your defences. They will not harm your teammates. Her ultimate is a bombardment system that will unleash all hell on the enemies as well as providing support for your team. And your passive ability makes ultimate accelerants charge your ultimate fully!

Apex Legends Season 2 is coming out July but till then enjoy the double XP weekend and limited time event!

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