Another whacky press conference revealed a great deal of titles, and shots at the industry, too.

The presentation took place inside CEO Nina Struther’s head, with the founder having been in a coma since last year’s E3. The company took the drastic step of ‘beaming’ the presentation through her as they desired her presentation skills.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is, as commenters in the Twitch chat screamed, essentially Takeshi’s Castle (or MXC for the less cultured of you). A massively-multiplayer title, hordes of up to 100 players are forced through a series of rounds until only one competitor remains. The title is coming to the PC and PS4 in 2020.

Devolver Bootleg

Wanting to hop on the trend of making their own storefront, and knowing ripoffs are popular, Devolver Digital came up with the idea of knocking off games and selling them online. But as they were too lazy to make thier own storefront, they instead co-opted Steam’s, and are selling the bundle as a collection.

The bundle features games like ‘Hotline: Milwaukee’ and ‘Catsylvania’, and are accessed from an Action 52-like menu. This is a real life thing you can real life go buy on Steam right real life now.


Described as ‘a reverse horror experience’, Carion is a puzzle-platform title that puts you in control of an entity not dissimilar from the Thing. Destroy, consume, and corrupt your way through levels as you claim the world around you.

The title will release on console and PC in 2020.

Gungeon: House of the Gundead

Do you remember the arcades of yesteryear? Devolver Digital sure do! So, at the bequest of no-one, they have tapped into this ancient market with a legitimate arcade machine, available for purchase by rich gamers and arcades alike. The title is a light gun game (hence the jest at Sega’s House of the Dead series), and is available for two player co-op. The title is a unique experience designed from the ground up, using the Gungeon setting.

The machine will be available in 2020.

The Messenger: Picnic Panic

Indie platformer, The Messenger, will be getting a FREE expansion next year. The expansion takes place in a variety of locales, including a tropical beach and a Japanese shrine.

My Friend Pedro

A run-n-gun exclusive to the Switch, this title has a focus on acrobatic movement and physics interaction. Nothing extra was revealed from last time the title was discussed, but it was a good reminder of it’s existence. Which, considering the amount of games spewing out at us, can be a good thing!

The title will release later this June.

And that was all from Devolver, game wise, at least. Linda from Marketing took over the company in Nina’s absence, causing chaos. But there remains hope – a Nina from the future has time traveled to recuse her comatose self.

I guess we’ll see what the resistance brings Devolver Digital next year. Watch the whole thing below.

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