I can safely say that right now I have about 8 games on the go that I’ve played in the last month, but only spent a couple hours on. That’s not including the other 20 unfinished games I have sat in my purchase library! Are you like me, and dependant on what mood you’re in you’ll have different games to suit, or just different games you’ve bought because you stare at your library of games and nothing takes your fancy?

I don’t know why I’m like this, surely having games from 4 or 5 different genres should be enough to cover every mood… Right..? But it doesn’t seem to be the case. Even World of Final Fantasy that I really enjoyed, I can’t seem to pick up to finish off, despite being very close to the end. On the weekend I started Yakuza Kiwami (An old PS plus freebie) despite having 4 RPGs I could have turned on. On top of this I’m more than likely going to buy a Nintendo Switch; is that really necessary (“Yes it is!” – Mario Odyssey and BOTW scream at me from a locked chamber of unplayed games)?

I think this is partly down to me wanting to try every game on the shelf, or what I call the pick n mix effect; you can’t just have 1 or 2 sweets – You want a bucket full of all the different kinds in the little plastic pots! It’s that fear of missing out, and a strange worry that you haven’t played a game that you’re going to love, but ultimately you haven’t found the next God of War or Dark Souls. Saying that, though, one of my barely played games is Dark Souls 3…

I never ever used to be like this; I would have 1 or 2 games max and smash them out and move on. It may be that more of my gaming takes place late at night, so it’s harder to sink into a massive RPG epic when it’s 10pm and I have work in the morning – That old time restraint we talk so much about. That, and Respawning (Mainly Luke) has made me want to try many more games by way of reviewing and recommendations. It’s a positive really as I’m widening the scope of games I play… But I just don’t have the time to have 4 RPGs on, yet I still attempt it. 

Another thing that definitely hasn’t helped is upgrading to a 2TB hard drive, meaning I can have… Well… Just too many games installed. Most of which I don’t even put on (I’m looking at you Spyro and Crash). This wide choice of games makes me excited like a child to look at, but terrified as an adult when I realistically think about all of the hours I need to put in to them. 

Mostly I do think it’s down to just not finding something that’s drawn me in and made me forget everything else that exists, like a crazy bunny boiler. I want to find a game that completely envelops me, and doesn’t let me go; not something I’ve just put on to distract my mind. I think Souls 3 will be that game, but it just hasn’t got it’s hooks in me quite yet, and I’m on the quest to find that game. I think that may be why I’m so keen to buy a Switch… But more on that in my next article..!

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