Yep, you just witnessed, something? Coming 2022 yet another Dragonball game will be coming in hot. Taking the survival action format of Dead by Daylight and adding the cel shaded veneer of Dragonball, Dragon ball: The Breakers looks to get itself a slice of the pie that DbD started hording a little while ago.

Players seem to be able to choose to either hunt as Frieza (Freeza?), Cell or Buu while 7 other players take the role of survivors including Oolong and Bulma. Apprently you all have a powerlevel of 5 meaning the villians can’t just immediatly find and maim you, so we guess that makes sense! Plus you have access to all sorts of ordanace which while not lethal to the bad guys will at least give you some time to flee.

Did anyone ask for this? Not really. Will it be fun? Yeah probably.