It’s early days here, well I guess we’re more than half way through, after last week’s big reveal that it was Wanda behind it all and she is indeed parading a fully dead vision around…

Zombie Vision Scary Scene WandaVision Serial - YouTube

It has confirmed the fact that this is House of M, and it’s all being controlled by Wandas mad ass powers, I’m excited to see them giving Wanda her ultimate powers. However I guessed this could be hydra or another new villain pulling the strings but it seems the other rumour, that Wanda has created a perfect world where vis isn’t dead, is what we’re watching. But could this be a downfall for the series?

Historically the movies where the villain isn’t as strong (Iron Man 2, Thor 2, Ant Man 2, Age Of Ultron (Avengers 2)…..there’s a theme here) just simply aren’t as good. Marvel is famous for putting forward weaker villains to make their heroes much more prominent but the reason that our favorites are just that, our favorites, is because they have strong villains messing with our friendly neighbourhood Avengers. So with Wanda being our ‘villain’ could this series simply suffer from not having a bad guy? There are only really 3 ways I can see this can going now; she realises she’s doing wrong and reverses what she’s done, she goes full House of M and that leads to everything changing or there’s a secret 3rd villain. Such as the rumoured Mephisto……

I don’t truly believe the series will just be crap because of a lack of main villain but we’re still 4 / 5 episodes to go (depending on how many you’ve watched) and there’s a lot more story to tell now we’ve had a lot of the big reveals. Of course I have faith in the MCU’s great story telling and I really can’t wait to see how ‘mad’ Wanda goes, and to see if she brings back Vision and brings her new super powered children to life. I just feel that there could be no great final scene if a true villain isn’t introduced, because Wanda will have to be redeemed as she’s already been through her redemption story.

I know I’ll be straight on Episode 5 as soon as I have finished work on Friday, eager to find out what happens next.

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