Having a PlayStation, Xbox or gaming PC takes you to the next level in terms of the number of games you can access… Nonetheless, those without consoles can easily get involved in gaming as well. Today, mobile and online gaming is advanced enough for you to enjoy high-quality entertainment on your phone or laptop; this article will present you with fun and easy games to play – Without a console.

The Witness

This is a puzzle video game with an aesthetically pleasing design that is calm and spooky at the same time – You start off in a deserted area, where you explore and complete puzzles in order to reach new levels and challenges. The difficulty of the puzzle video game increases with each change of scenery, making your brain work harder with each level-up – As Spritted explains. The well-designed game universe has an eerie and deserted feel to it and reminds of the setup of an escape room. Best part is, it’s available on phones!

8 Ball Pool

Miniclip pool is, and always will be, a classic. The game 8 Ball Pool has introduced many people to the rules of pool – The continuously higher demands of the higher levels require the player to have skill; only a successful pool player will be able to unlock more tournaments, which is – after all – the aim of the overall game. The latter offers a multiplayer environment, in which you can play other people logged in online, including your own friends. You can win coins and wager them against other players or use them to personalise your cue and table; you can use the game’s somewhat limited communication tools to chat with the opponents as well. It’s exciting that there’s skill involved and that it’s an interactive environment that allows you to play against real people rather than computers.


A simple game – But a good one nonetheless. Paper.io is probably the most fun game for long journeys, or for whenever you need a tactical bit of entertainment to zone out. You are essentially a very small square that tries to turn the playing field into its own territory; you can kill other players and take their spot, but you are also in danger of being killed whenever you are outside of your own “zone”. The beauty of the game lies in its simplicity – An extra feature of this game is the option to unlock new colours and patterns; you can set your character to a car, a ladybird or even the poop emoji!

Mr Green Club Royale

Slot games are fun, but considering the huge variety that many sites offer, it can be confusing to know where to begin. Mr Green offers both classic and innovative games – But it is their Club Royale that puts the gaming experience into an exclusive setting. The VIP-membership-only club offers a tailored one-on-one concierge service; especially for beginners, this is helpful for understanding the games and getting into them quicker. The Club also hosts exclusive events, in which you can join an interactive environment – You not only you feel like an important part of this unique members-only club, but are also provided with all the help you could need in order to find your way around the vast amount of games.

Snake Vs Block

The next generation of Snake has arrived; remember that old classic from the 90s Nokia phones? The game is still around, as PocketGamer confirms! Nonetheless, the updated version Snake vs Block can only be described as a speedy but still old-school Snake. Extend your snake by collecting numbers and avoid having your snake eaten away; it’s a game does not have to end when played by a skilled player – The satisfaction comes with a high score. It is, however, exactly this type of mobile game that is the most fun, as it combines the old gameplay with some exciting modern features.

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