We’ve gotten used to events being cancelled throughout 2020, though normally due to Covid-19. This time a much more disgusting disease took hold and has led the organisers of fighting game tournament EVO to cancel the event.

CEO and EVO Co-founder Joey Cuellar has been accused of several counts of sexual misconduct, and on Thursday night a slew of fighting game production companies including, NetherRealm, Bandi Namco and Capcom pulled their titles from the upcoming event in protest and solidarity. Cuellar himself released a statement noting that he was “young and reckless and did things I’m not proud of”.

EVO have canceled the entire event and also released a statement explaining that Cuellar was to no longer be involved in EVO, he has been removed as CEO and they were working towards his complete separation from the company.

We here at Respawning would like to take this opportunity to say we stand alongside the victims of sexual misconduct, it has no place in our gaming communities and together we can work towards making gaming a safe space for all.