So Christmas is pretty much the only time of the year I can persuade my mum and sister to play games with me – It’s just a Christmas tradition. Usually it’s just us three looking like idiots whilst Dad laughs at us all and records the carnage.. So here’s what Christmas-time gaming looks like in my household:

We usually start off with a little Just Dance, whatever the latest one is, we find our favourite songs and just go with it. I think we start with this one because it takes up the most energy; gotta burn off all those Christmas calories! This usually consists of me and my sister picking increasingly harder songs and trying to out-do each other; she’s a little cheat though because sometimes she just moves her arm and then loudly exclaims “WHAT IT STILL PICKS IT UP IT STILL COUNTS” when I call her out for cheating! If you have Just Dance Unlimited, here are some of our firm favourites: Apache (Jump on it), Barbra Streisand, Gold Dust, Beep Beep I’m a Sheep and lastly the very festive Make it Jingle (Strong recommendation here).

Following Just Dance we usually bring out the Mario Kart; this one usually ends in tears, as I don’t understand why my sister is so bloody good at it. She NEVER plays video games, and yet she sits there absolutely killing it! Neither of us are quite on the fancy ‘flicking the controller around and drifting level’ of better Mario Kart players, but its always fun! Some of our favourite tracks are Moo Moo Meadows, Shy Guy Beach, Water Park and of course Rainbow Road (Any incarnation).

One for all the family now, Jackbox Party Pack games. I have the first 3 party packs, and they just bring endless fun and amusement; I think these games are great to play with people you know well and an even better icebreaker for new friends. With loads of different games to chose from, you can’t go wrong! all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection and you’re away. Some of my best family nights have been spent playing Jackbox games. I really would suggest buying the party packs as well they’re so worth it – Trivia Murder party is one of our favourites, it’s basically a quiz show run by a murderer, but don’t worry if you get murdered, you have the chance to steal the lead players body at the end and make it out to safety! Fakin’ It is another favourite, everyone in the room apart from one person gets an instruction, which could be hold up some fingers to show how many cats you want, or it could be point to the person in the room you think is most likely to be monitored by the FBI. One person however gets no instructions, and has to blend in, then everyone else has to suss out who the faker is! They’re great!

Now for a game we’ve been playing for 10 years since it’s release! Without fail this get’s bought out every Christmas, usually after a few drinks and a bit of shouting at the connection cables. This game will always be my ultimate Christmas game and it is… Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party! I love this game so much and have so many silly memories playing it! It’s kinda like a bit of everything; a dancing game, a shooting game, a Guitar Hero-style game, and loads more. This one is great, because we’ve been playing it so long it’s basically any man’s game. We all have our strengths, for example mine’s the shooter, but because it’s pretty random what games you pick from and you have to win the right to pick the next game by way of a smaller mini game you can never know what you’re going to get.

Lastly a game I revisit every Christmas, this one’s a little different because it’s a solo game… Animal Crossing! I love how my town looks at Christmas with all the fairy lights and the snow; it’s so pretty! I really like building snowmen and collecting all the furniture and dressing up my Villager! I love meeting Jingle with all his little cuteness, and I just love this game at Christmas – It’s super cute and super wholesome!

So that’s what my Christmas looks like in games! What games do you always play at Christmas? Let us know down below!