If you’re anything like me, you’ve blinked and Halloween is already here! I love Halloween and I think it’s one of the most underrated holidays in this country; I mean there are already more Christmas decorations in the shop than there are Halloween ones! I don’t want this fun holiday to pass me by, so this is what I’ll be playing to get in the Halloween spirit!

1) Dead by Daylight

This is a firm favourite of mine I just love it. It has a dedicated playerbase across platforms, so finding a match on whatever you’re playing it on is quick and easy. Personally I like playing as the survivor – As a survivor you have to work as a team of 4 to quickly fix enough generators to power up the door on the map and escape. There are different perks you can add on to make it easier, including making it more or less foggy, thus increasing or decreasing visibility.

As you don’t know what killer is going to be hunting you, the perks can be a bit of a gamble and can work in or against your favour which definitely makes it a bit more exciting for me. As you fix the generators several things can happen; if you’re teamed up it all goes a bit quicker, but with the risk of skill checks, you may have to move out quickly, as failing one alerts the killer to your location. There are three states you can be in as a survivor; completely fine, wounded or dying. Wounded makes you slower and leaves a blood trail for the killer, and dying means you’re crawling around on the floor bleeding out. In the dying state the killer can pick you up and pop you on a hook, or do some other form of grisly execution – 3rd time this happens it’s insta-death… But the other two times you have the chance to either escape yourself of be rescued! Escaping by yourself carries risk and is unlikely, but sometimes has to be done. If you manage to fix all the generators, then it’s happy days and out you escape, or if your other three survivors die, you have the chance to jump down a handy hatch.

As the killer you basically have to stop the survivors escaping, each killer has a different perk; some like the nurse are not appropriate for those of us who suffer motion sickness, but have a play around and you’ll find the right one for you. It’s a fun game you can just jump in and out of and can provide some really good scares on the way.

2) The Last of Us

With The Last of Us 2 quickly approaching, I feel now is the right time to hop on this game! I have never played it before, and I love zombie games so I’m really not sure why I haven’t played it! Perhaps because everyone keeps telling me I need to..? But now I think is the right time!

3) Call of Duty Zombies

Zombies on cod has been a firm favourite with me since I was 16; I just love it! Fighting waves of zombies knowing my inevitable doom is coming is just fun for me! I can’t wait to pick it up this holiday and slay some of the undead with some gosh darn Wonder Weapons!

4) Oxenfree

What better way to get into the spooky spirit than with a supernatural thriller? Oxenfree is about a group of friends who accidentally open a ghostly rift – You get to decide how to deal with the horrors you’ve descended upon yourself, and the game promises that you may be changing the course of your friends life! It seems like the perfect spooky indie game to round up my list!

What horrors will you be delving into this festive season? Let me know in the comments below!