Stardew Valley is the incredibly cute pixelart life and farming simulator where you can focus on your farm, become a mining and exploring expert, or even set your sights on becoming a fishing master. The whole point of Stardew Valley is to find your own fun! So here’s my favourite 10 things about Stardew Valley to celebrate 10 million downloads! In no particular order…

1st up we have the romancing. In Stardew Valley you can romance pretty much everyone! Guys or girls – Take your pick! The only people you can’t romance are those who are too young or older, and those who are already in loving relationships. Beware though, romancing everyone can end up with some broken hearts. If you manage to find the love of your life, you can marry them, and if a few months or years down the line you’re sick of them, you can get a divorce, or even wipe there memory of your entire marriage… Then you’re free to date again!

2nd I have the dwarf in the mines. The dwarf is one of my favourite things about this game; you can befriend him by giving him gifts, but until you find all the language scrolls, you will be unable to understand a thing he says. Once you do, he just has the funniest little personalities!

The egg hunt! Who can forgive the egg hunt! Here at 3rd we have the event that comes once a year, when Easter comes about and the whole town has an egg hunt! It’s such a cute fun little mini game that only comes about once a cycle; this rarity makes it way more enjoyable as I find I get bored of mini games I have constant access too. They just become a novelty for 5 mins and I forget about them. This is my favourite of all the little Stardew Valley festivals.

Up 4th is collecting stuff for the museum. I’m a big Animal Crossing fan, and collecting stuff for my museum just feels like a big achievement. I know it’s just nice to look at, you get a few interesting things for doing it too… But you just get a real sense of achievement looking at all of he stuff you’ve found!

Hidden away at 5th are the secret treasure maps. When you get to a certain point you’ll start to find secret treasure maps – I love these as it’s basically an ‘x marks the spot’ kinda deal!

Rearing in at 6th is looking after my animals. I find it both cute and relaxing getting up every morning and milking my goats and cows, feeding them all and collecting the eggs from my chickens. I like how you can see if they love you or not too!

7th is mining. Mining adds a bit of challenge to the game; this is where you can fight and explore! You have to keep an eye on your health and stamina, and also your time… It’s easy to lose track of these in the mine!

Surprisingly at 8th is the fact that the game punishes you from going to bed late. Going to bed late means that you end up passing out – I just think this sends a good message about not overworking yourself. If you do you pass out, a medical team takes you home… But it’s possible whoever found you robbed you of some important things! So don’t work too hard. Also if you go to bed too late, you wake up with less energy the next day… Time management is key!

Number 9 is giving gifts! I love giving gifts to the villagers and working out what they like! What’s even better is reaching those relationship goals and getting the little cutscenes! Finding out all about the different lives of these little characters is great!

Finally, at number 10 we have the mysterious events. I love it when I get a little alert about a mysterious event; this could be a visitor, a train, or a meteor… You never know when one’s going to come, or what it’s going to be!

What are some of your favourite Stardew Valley moments? Let me know in the comments below!

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