Yes, that’s right I said it… I said Christmas. You can moan all you want, but it’s December now, and I’m tucking into my Monty Bojangles truffle advent calender every morning, and whacking out the Christmas jumpers… The tree’s going up, so the decorations are coming out! I’m cracking on the Christmas films, and maybe, just maybe I’ll hum along to those banging Christmas tunes pretty soon. If you’re still grinching out though, that’s cool… These games are Christmas time specific. Or, perhaps you don’t celebrate Christmas at all..! Still fine these games are awesome anyway.

1) Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party

You’re gonna have to crack out your Wii for this one and blow the dust from your long forgotten Wii Fit board for bonus points. I love playing this game with my family on Christmas Eve – It’s funny, adorable, and every game can be played with just a low level of skill. Honestly, my 80 year old granny plays this with us. There’s lots of stupid mini games, and even if you suck the whole way through, you are gonna have the chance to win because at the end the wheel of misfortune shakes the whole game up. There’s even silly modes like “don’t come second”, where coming second sees you coming last in the mini game. I love it! It brings out some hardcore tactical playing.

2) Just Dance

There exists so many terrible videos of me playing Just Dance with my sister, ungraciously flumping about, fully believing I look like the dancers on the TV – There’s a new one every year, but honestly any of the versions will see you having an amazing time. There’s always a mixture of old and new songs, and songs from different countries; It’s also a great way to burn off some of those extra Christmas choccies!

3) Jackbox Party Packs

You must of seen these before! You play via your mobile in a host of interactive, adult-based boardgame-type minigames. Murder trivia party is my family’s fave, as you can steal back the win right at the end and the questions are very varied. We are yet to get the same ones again, however you can always play a good game of fibbage too. Some of these games work amazing with people you know really well, but wouldn’t work if you don’t know the people in the room, whereas others can just be played regardless of your group. The party packs are amazingly discounted, so I suggest having a look at the ones available and picking the pack with the best mix of games for you!

4) Animal Crossing

Animal crossing wallpaper

Animal Crossing is always adorable ’round the holidays as you get to build snowmen, and give gifts, and generally be cute and adorable! What more can I say? Bonus addition for this year will be Stardew Valley… Even though that doesn’t run in real time, it’s still a cutesy, cosy, cold day game to play with a hot chocolate, and maybe even start a farm with a friend.

5) Pass the Bomb

Number 5, Pass the Bomb. Now this one’s a little different as its not a video game – It’s a game with a bomb (Not a real one, mind) that has a ticking timer on; you draw a card that has several letters, then roll a dice – You must think of words that contain the combination of letters shown, and the dice roll determines whether the letters can be used anywhere, or if they can’t be used at the beginning or the end. The idea is to sit in a circle and say a word, no repeats, and then pass the bomb on. You can challenge the words others have said before you, but if the bomb goes off and they have proven that it’s a real word, you take the penalty. This is where those that are good with language and quick on their feet can get away with saying nonsense, and passing it off as the name of some antarctic flatworm.

What do you guys play at Christmas? I’d love to know, and perhaps get a few new ideas!

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