At Bethesda’s E3 press conference at E3 2018, additional Rage 2 details were shown off, albeit with a rather… Stalled intro, courtesy of Andrew W.K. – Not just this, but the presentation was headed by Pete Hines as well, who, rather amusingly, threw shade towards Walmart for their prior leak of Rage 2.

Onto the new details, Rage 2 showed off a brand new trailer, displaying some of the advanced gameplay in Rage 2, along with more vehicle combat – Now, tanks and large trucks are available in the game, and allow players to combat other racers using machine guns, rockets and harsh turbo boosts to gain advantage.

With the on-the-ground combat, players can make use of double jumping, sliding, and a new ‘Rage’ mode where the player enters a synthwave neon frenzy, increasing damage; the player can also upgrade their abilities using nanomachines, and can make use of equipment like explosive batarangs and static EMP grenades to get the drop on enemies.