Hell – and Heaven? – awaits…

Returning as the Doomslayer – the protagonist from Doom 2016 – the player will continue to take on the legions of Hell, and it seems Heaven itself may intervene…on the wrong side.

Multiplayer will be a part of the title, known as ‘Battlemode’ – it’s a two vs one mode, where two demons take on one demonslayer. Demons can spawn AI demons, and must employ strategy to overcome.

A collector’s edition – featuring a Doomslayer helmet – was revealed, with a prototype shown in the crowd. The prototype appears of decent quality.

Gameplay was shown, and the game was in a playable state at E3. A smaller event taking place in London, known as ‘DoomCon’, will preface Quakecon.

Doom: Eternal will release on November 22nd.

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