We made it gang! The UK lockdowns are finally starting to ease and the majority of us have been gifted a nice long weekend for Easter.

And whilst BBQ’s and Pub Gardens are still off the cards for another week, there is still LOADS of games we can session in a long weekend off from rolling out of bed and putting the work laptops on. So I am here to delight everyone with my favourite games you could easily start and finish within the long weekend!

Little Nightmares

Mum already said no snacks before dinner…

Little Nightmares is absolutely terrifying but such a wonderfully crafted, detailed experience that once I started the game I couldn’t put it down until I had beaten the whole thing. You could quite comfortably beat this game in one sitting (if you have the nerves for it) which would leave the second title on your list for the weekend as well if you fancy even more tension and mind blowing scares.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - Shoot through Trailer with creative director Dean  Evans [EUROPE] - YouTube
This hurts my eyes in the most radical way possible

Blood Dragon is my favourite Far Cry game. There I said it. Putting Far Cry in an 80s Sci Fi  movie was potentially the best decision that Ubisoft have ever made. The 80’s neon aesthetic coupled with the refined Far Cry 3 gameplay is such a fun time that once I picked this up and threw my middle finger up for the first time – I couldn’t put it down.


Okay okay, this one is highly dependant on whether you have played much of Soulsbornes or Sekiro in the past, while my first play through of Sekiro took me upwards of 45 hours; my recent streamed attempt took me less than 10 hours to reach the games (shorter) ending.

It’s worth noting I have played this game to death in the past so I knew where a lot of things were and the exact timings of many of the games bosses but it’s definitely doable so I have no qualms adding it to this list!

If you want to watch me smash through the game you can find my playthrough over on our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/respawninguk

Doom & Doom Eternal

I would not want to be a janitor in this facility

If you tried really hard you could probably Rip and Tear your way through both of Bethesda’s recent Doom titles in one weekend, however those of us who want to take our time and game a little more slowly and casually, you could still smash your way through one of these titles with ease.

Both of these games are absolutely incredible and have been a couple of my favourite games of recent years just for the sheer fun of them, tearing apart Demons and becoming the badass on these planets is a (shotgun) blast that I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone, no matter the skill level.

Titanfall 2

Easily the best FPS campaign of all time, Titanfall is a short but polished title about a man and his robot pal.

I won’t say much on this one because I feel you 100% need to experience every moment beat for beat without me telling you what is coming – but you won’t regret it; It’s also pretty much on sale at all times for a criminally low price so go get it!

When your big brother comes to help you argue with mum

There you go, a handful of games you could easily  get through this weekend, even with Friday already out of the way.

Do you have any preferred titles that I missed off this list? Let me know in the comments below.