In a brand spanking new feature (second month running), we’re all going to talk about the things we love and what we’ve been playing in the hopes we can possibly inspire some gaming adventures of your own; hell, it may not even be about gaming!


This month I’ve been playing a lot of Overwatch, with new Hero sigma joining the rota and some of my favourite game modes like no limits and total mayhem being available in the arcade it’s been perfect to just jump on for a few games! I’ve also been going back to Spider man I only have to plug through all the crimes in each district and then I will have platinumed the game! Other games I’ve picked up are Fell Seal, which I reviewed it’s awesome check it out, and Tower of Beatrice another I have reviewed!


It’s come back around, like it always does every 6 months or so. I’m back on Rainbow 6: Siege. I normally forget all about this game for long periods of time. Then one day me and Luke will just pick it back up and go to town busting into rooms to beat down terrorist, or playing at said terrorists and trying or damnedest to defend those rooms! Besides getting back into Rainbow, I’ve also been trying my hand at a souls like game. After years of avoiding them all, since I hate a challenge, I’ve finally picked up Nioh and started my journey through an extremely demony version of Japan, so many deaths so far but I’m pushing through the misery to try and find my happy place! 


Well my plan this month was to crack on with The Witcher 3 while maybe finally starting on Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey as well. For more on this make sure to check out my games to play during a barren summer of video games video… Cheap plug out of the way, let’s see what I’ve actually ended up playing…

Weeeeeell not Assassin’s Creed! While I have been able to continue with the Witcher 3, I’ve been distracted elsewhere. For whatever reason I felt the craving to go rampaging as Trevor so restarted GTA V (as you do) and then much like I mentioned in the video above, decided now is a good time to also restart The Last of Us as well… Then disaster struck. While exploring the lush post apocalyptic locations in TLOU, my PS4 died. Although this is devastating news, it has acted as the final push to make me buy a PS4 pro so yay for that! Stay tuned to see what I first play in glorious 4K…


This month I ‘ave been mostly playing Destiny 2 (Fast Show reference there for those old enough).

Yeah, this month most of my gaming has been taken up with Destiny 2. As a clan, we’ve been trying to complete all outstanding raids before the Shadowkeep drop in October… Which has proven difficult (for the sheer logistics alone) I also got a chance to play the Modern Warfare open beta, which proved to be a promising insight into what’s to come. And that’s about as exciting as my life has been this month. 


This month I finally got round to my second playthrough of Devil May Cry 5, which I still really like even if the difficulty spike for the Vergil fights at the end is total bullshit. I’ve just started playing Destiny 2, but as I’ve only made it as far as reaching The Farm I’m yet to form a definitive opinion on it.

I also attempted to continue with my Dark Elf save from last year on Skyrim. Unfortunately my attempt was cut short after less than an hour as I had been solely wandering around in the overworld when I was killed fighting a giant. As I hadn’t saved the game or transitioned to a different area in the play time I lost all my progress. My fault I know, but I still quit and uninstalled the game. Might try again after another year has passed.


I’ve not really played much in August. It’s been far too delightful outside to stay in and play games for me (unfortunately)… However I did manage to get my hands on a copy of Control which caught me off guard and got me addicted. However, I’m not going to discuss that here if you want to know more then check out my review!


I’ve honestly not been playing a great deal, I have been getting out or decorating (major fun times)! However most of the moments I have managed to snatch have been spent on Kingdom Come Deliverance; it’s a game that’s most definitely difficult, a lot of tasks will take 3 or 4 attempts, but it’s another game where I just can’t believe I haven’t picked it up before now… I really enjoy the realism of it and the fact that you can’t just go around killing everyone, mostly because they’re hard as nails.


For me, I’ve been split into three directions – On one hand I’ve been pouring even more hours into Dragon Quest Builders 2, beginning my royal castle after having beaten the prologue, rolling onto my 120th hour… On the other hand, I’ve recently been playing Oninaki, which has proven to be a fun enough time, but is ultimately a bit of a let down… You can read more about it here.

On the… Uh… Mutated third hand, I’ve actually been spending an inordinate amount of time amongst the irradiated, self-igniting, freezing and, in rare cases, earthly planets of No Man’s Sky with my significant other. Exploring the stars and searching for Earth 2.0 has been stupidly fun, even amongst all the bugs.


Well, I’m still playing Overwatch, Dark Souls, and Fire Emblem! Fire Emblem: Three Houses just gets better and better – and Claude is only one of the many reasons why. I’m also combing through my Steam library, looking for old favourites that I haven’t played in a bit. Currently getting back into the space 4X, Stellaris. It’s a neat title I’d recommend to any strategy fan!

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