HELLO! It’s that time of year again where Gamescom has filled our boots with all things video game related to get us all hyped up for the gaming season to kick back off as we all go back indoors again, and what a Gamescom it has been so far! There’s been some absolutely awesome things announced already and it’s only day 1!

So I thought I would take a moment to create a one stop shop for all the cool shit that’s already been announced or updated at Gamescom so far!

Vampire The Masquerade 2

Suprise suprise! The thing Luke is most hyped about is the vampire game… I am desperate for any information I can get on this title as I absolutely adored the first game, heralding it constantly as one of the best vampire games of all time! So I was very excited to see this gameplay from Clan Toreador:

Thanks IGN!

Saint’s Row Reboot

Saint’s Row is being rebooted and the craziness scaled back from Saint’s Row 4 levels… all the way back to Saint’s Row 3 levels. This makes me very happy and if the trailer is anything to go by… it’s still gonna be mental

Marvel Midnight Suns

Firaxis are making a Marvel Xcom game… Let that sink in whilst you get your eyes around this trailer:

Horizon Forbidden West delay plus Zero Dawn 60fps update

This one was just a development update really, but Forbidden West has officially been pushed out of it’s 2021 window and into February 2022, which to be perfectly honest is absolutely fine by me. In the meantime however, Zero Dawn has finally received the much anticipated 60fps patch which is live as of RIGHT NOW.

Death Stranding gets a jetpack!! (And some new missions I guess)

Hideo Kojima has added Jetpacks to Death Stranding so when you are spooped by a bunch of ghosts you can just WHOOOOSH away! Bye ghosts!

Also some new missions I suppose:

That Far Cry 6 trailer….

I am just blown away here and have nothing to say… Just watch

Just hope Ubisoft sort their affairs out so we can all enjoy this title!

Riders Republic actually looks great and you can play it right now!

The Open beta is live on all consoles and the game looks like it has improved on everything that came before in Steep. I had absolutely 0 excitement for this game but after getting my hands on it for half hour it has made me quite excited for the title!

The outlast trials looks even more terrifying with 4 players!

Again… no words here. This looks horrible and I am here for it.