Child of Light was an early release in the current generation that I’ve played enough times to know that I definitely want another game of it. A sequel has been cruelly teased a couple of times but always debunked as a hoax (I hate the internet sometimes). Well, enough is enough! It is time that Ubisoft address the fans who want and demand a sequel to this beautiful game, and by ‘address’ I mean make the damn sequel!

The first installment sees you playing as Aurora, a young princess transported to a magical fantasy land to retrieve the sun, moon and stars, in order to return light to the world. The story overall is great, and the memorable and likeable ensemble of characters and villains were fun to play as and interact with. The turn-based combat system where you can use one of your characters to slow opponents or heal yourself during battle by shining light on them was also ingenious and lent an extra level of strategy to an already well crafted, and as far as I am aware, unique battle system.

Where Child of Light really shines (Pun intended) though is its music. Haunting melodies and atmospheric orchestral pieces for the generous amount of boss encounters, it’s hard to pick which theme stands out as the best. For me the clear winner is Nox’s theme and it is a key component of why she ranked so highly on my best boss fights of all time list from a couple of weeks ago. The art style is also very pretty, with water-coloured backgrounds and glowing character models making every frame perfect and absorbing.

I will concede that the writing was not the best in class for Child of Light, as every line of dialogue came in the form of a rhyming couplet, no matter how forced. The fix for this is simple; do away with the couplets and just have normal character dialogue. It’s doubtful many players of the first game would miss the couplets though they were an interesting idea to say the least!

Without going into story spoilers, a sequel is definitely possible after how the first game concluded, and the characters introduced pack enough charm each that another game exploring their growth would be brilliant to see and a joy to play.

I hope you will join in me in tweeting at the developers @UbisoftMTL (Ubisoft Montréal) to let them know how well a sequel for this gorgeous, artistic and satisfying game would do! Thank you for reading, and while you are on Twitter, you should consider following @RespawningUK as well.

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