It’s still a fairly rare occurrence for video games to feature components or characters from an entirely different setting to the one they are based in. It’s like Batman showing up in a Marvel movie, it just doesn’t happen. Or does it? This week I’m taking a look at four instances where a game featured key parts from a different experience.

BB on the bike – Death Stranding / Days Gone

I’m a big fan of Days Gone, and while it does have a couple of failings which meant I couldn’t give it as high a score as I’d have liked in my review, there is still a lot which is does right. Death Stranding on the other hand, received a very high score from me, and so you can imagine my delight some way into Days Gone where I unlocked an upgrade that added BB in her tank to Deacon’s drifter bike.

Baby powered bikes… stealing ideas from The Matrix?

Whenever Deacon switches the engine on you can hear the sounds the tank makes from Death Stranding as BB wakes up, with I really appreciated as an extra little detail.

Tallnecks – Horizon Zero Dawn / Death Stranding

Sticking with Death Stranding for our next entry, this time in the game itself, you frequently have the option to leave messages, warnings or holograms for other couriers to find as you traverse the wild wastes of the open world. One such hologram you can use, which appears as its full size from Horizon Zero Dawn, is a Tallneck.

As holograms can often suddenly appear in front of you when you get close, the game made me jump on two occasions where I inadvertently walked too close to a trigger for one and a Tallneck instantly materialised in front of me. Being a hologram, you can’t climb them in Death Stranding as you can in HZD (more’s the pity) but they are just as impressive outside of their usual game.

Yes, I will ride you

Ardyn & Noctis’ weapons – Final Fantasy XV / Assassin’s Creed: Origins

As Final Fantasy XV is my favourite game of all time, with Assassin’s Creed: Origins also being a game I absolutely adore, this is truly a phenomenal match for me. After completing what is potentially the most basic puzzle in video game history (also good for me as I don’t enjoy puzzles), players are treated to a cutscene featuring Ardyn and Bahamut, culminating in Bayek receiving Noctis’ signature weapons, the Ultima Blade and Ziedrich shield. On both of my Origins playthroughs, as soon as I acquired these weapons, I used nothing else in the game and just kept upgrading them.

You also receive a chocobo / camel hybrid but as it looks like a Lovecraftian monster I never used it.

The Warthog – Halo / Forza Horizon 4

One of the showcase events in Forza Horizon 4 has you take control of a Warthog on the beach, with airships flying overhead and constant radio chatter telling you where to go. Despite the fact I’ve only ever played Halo 1 and 5 (so don’t know the character on the radio’s name) it is still a lot of fun to launch the Warthog off sand banks and down the river at the end to the finish line.

I could have included the Regalia from Final Fantasy XV on this list, but as the sound used for it is completely wrong in Horizon I barely used it.

I understand why, but I’m still mad about no turret

Those were my favourite video game crossovers. Let me know if I missed your favourite down in the comments, and I’ll be back next week so will speak to you again soon. Thanks for reading!