Ever since hearing the rumours that Bioshock 4 is finally going to get an announcement at E3 this year and what it could entail, I have fully been on a kick for the games – Sessioning each one and their respective DLC’s one after the other like I was binging a particularly good Netflix series.

Which led me onto the realisation that, Bioshock Infinite is by far my favourite title in the series. I genuinely prefer Colombia to Rapture and having Booker instead of an unvoiced protagonist does so much for the game that makes me feel so much more invested in the title than it’s previous Rapture filled outings… But then whilst I thought long and hard on this, I thought to myself: “I think I am the only one who prefers this iteration of the franchise” and rather than just bore you with my opinion I drafted in everyone from Respawning to give their opinion in 100 words or less!

I wrote this before I knew anyones opinion so this could be a full article telling me how wrong I am but here we go…

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Lance Turner

Has to be the first one for me. And although Luke asked us to write it up in 100 words, it won’t take that long for me. The reason the first entry into the franchise is my favorite is simple. At the time of its release, it looked STUNNING. They nailed the water effects. We’d never seen anything like it before. It was a thrill to look at and interact with. It’s been a while since a game has really made me say “Wow” just from the way it looked (Ghost of Tsushima being the only one recently).

Mikey Galaszia

For me the first Bioshock is undoubtedly the best in the trilogy. Why you ask? It’s not the gameplay as that honour belongs to Infinite. It’s not the graphical power as arguably both Bioshock 2 & Infinite beat the first one on that front too.. It’s because of the atmosphere. The creepy vibe of exploring the under water City of Rapture for the first time is permanently burnt into the darkest corners of my memory! This mixed with the outstanding story with all its twists and turns is more than enough to cement the original as my favourite in the trilogy

Will Andrews

If it’s just for the world? Bioshock 1 wins it disgusting spliced hands down. However, since everyone else is saying that and I fancy a little variation here, Infinite brings it when it comes to gameplay and story. Booker and Elizabeth’s tale as they run, jump and grind their way through the sky city of Colombia is fascinating and a little mind bending. Plus the gameplay is many times more exciting, a bonus of leaning more into the action than the horror elements of the first game. Let’s face it, bashing in a ADAM junkies face isn’t quite as satisfying as tearing apart a group of racist cops!

Stuart Fitzsimmons

I’ve only played Bioshock one and I don’t really get the hype as to why its the best, it’s a really good looking game for the time but pretty frustrating…I liked the audio logs (they inspired Dead Space to do the same) and the test was very cool, but I have no desire to go back to the game or franchise, it just didn’t grip me enough or I just don’t care enough I can’t decide. Seeing that water and squid though, that was awesome.


If it wasn’t for DMC: Devil May Cry (fight me fanboys) Bioshock Infinite would have been my game of 2013. I’d listened to years of waffle about the original Bioshock being the best of the series, but I’ll listen no longer as Infinite is the best. The 2013 offering took a near-perfect game (1 not 2 you philistines), removed the ‘near’ and added a voiced protagonist, taking the winning formula and further positively developing it with slight adjustments.

I do concede that the concept of ‘deep sea city’ is more interesting than ‘sky city’ but as the latter came with improved mechanics and skyline combat it has to be the winner here! I wanted to give the Xbox One re-release, the Bioshock Collection, my game of 2016 but alas it was unplayable, buggy as hell and attempting to compete with Dishonored 2 AND Final Fantasy XV. Oof..

So then…

ITS A FAIR GAME! Yes all the Bioshock games are wicked as hell! Like whichever you want we can all agree Bioshock is so great and we need 4 ASAP!

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments below and add #okayforpublishing and we can get your opinion added to this list! I love this community.

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