Robots amirite? Anthems out today! So in celebration of Bioware’s latest release, we’re here to discuss our favourite mech suits in gaming!


This is an easy one for me… Sega’s Iron Man. I kid, I kid (What an awfully shit game). My favourite mech suit is a massive throwback and is PSone’s ghost in the shell. From what i remember (It was a long time ago) it differentiated itself from the anime in that you actually had to climb inside the robot to control as opposed to mind controlling it… But as i said it was a while ago. Anyways i remember this game being hella fun and unlike anything else i’d played at the time, plus I played it way before I’d watched the anime which is now one of my top favs. Still to watch the apparently bad movie though!


I’m going with the first one that came to mind when thinking mech suits, Metal Gear Ray from Metal Gear Solid 2.

Given that my memory of the first Metal Gear Solid is hazy at best, it’s fair to say that my first proper Metal Gear experience was with Metal Gear Ray! I am not going to sit here and explain the story of MGR as I have no clue what happened in the MGS 2 story! I mean, does anybody? If so, hit me up!

My memory of Ray was just how massive it seemed and how all I could really hope for was to run away successfully, but the memory that sticks with me most, was that it was amphibious. I don’t know why but for me, that just made it seem way more scary than the other Metal Gears, even though this was the only one that couldn’t launch nukes. That image of Metal Gear Ray swan diving off that carrier is one of my favourite moments in MG2 and for that reason I have gone for this as my favourite mech suit.

Will J

Image result for wrecking ball overwatch

I am, quite possibly, the only Wrecking Ball main in Yorkshire.

That’s right, when I hop into a match of Overwatch- a game based on high-skill aiming and teamplay, my go-to character is a fat litlte hamster in a giant metal ball. And when that doesn’t work, I switch to Torbjorn.

I’ve played a lot of video games in my time- I’ve killed dragons, I’ve solver mysteries, I’ve tea-bagged roughly the population of slough. But nothing compares to defeating a team of try-hard Seagull wannabes by launching an encased rodent at them, before screaming “Get Wrecked” at them across allchat and watching them dissolve into an argument as to how they’re losing to a lump of aluminium and fur.

Will A

God…fucking….damn does this man love a mech suit. Wether it’s anime, games or movies you can be assured that a pilot able robot will always make my pants tight and my eyes watery. The best though? That’s a tough question best answered thought the medium of caps lock. BT-7274 IS THE FUCKING BEST! Beetee is the players Titan in Titanfall 2’s campaign and is your stalwart companion throughout the entire ordeal. Always there to take a joke or deliver some heavy ordnance there isn’t a single moment where the 15ft green badboy lets you down and during your adventures as you choose from the admittedly limited conversation trees you’ll see that he learns from how you behave and will either stay stoic and well robotic or will become gradually more humourous and sarcastic! If all that wasn’t enough then how about he has a really big gun, fire missiles a lot and throws you like the Wolverine/Colossus fast ball special THREE times during the story!