With the next instalment in the Tomb Raider series coming out today, and our personal views being that this has gone on a bit too long. We speak about those rebooted franchises that have been dragged out a little too long.



It took me a little while to think this one through since I really don’t like change but I finally settled on one. TMNT. The turtles have always been hugely popular with me and obviously with the rest of the world too. So why can’t anyone seem to get them right? Now you might think im talking about the Micheal Bay produced movies but you’d be wrong. I’m talking about the new animated series Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While maybe mixing things up is a good idea. Totally changing the Turtles makes no damn sense! The line up has changed with Raphael none the team leader and Leo made into the one liner spewing sidekick. the turtles weapons have all be changed with “cool” new gadgets so their own skills are dulled to show off technology…  and maybe most painful of all…no…Shredder. Done. I’m out.


Micro machines: world series is my pick for most unwanted video game reboot! I mean come on its just terrible! With ratings of around 5/10 that really speaks for itself! For me the only game in this series I used to play was micro maniacs! So I was excited to get micro machines to do a bit of childhood reminiscing. That was short-lived. For a game that’s so multiplayer dependent it’s just awful! There’s no option for a split screen conventional race, just a “race to push the other person of the screen” which becomes tedious and boring if you’re playing with someone who you’re not skill matched with. A conventional split screen race against AI’s and friends is literally all I wanted from this game and that will be the only thing that would prompt me to buy another revival!


For me, the answer is a little difficult. I wanted the series to be rebooted, but… the developers of the games made such a hash of it that the reboot made me not want to play the series again. The series in question is Need For Speed. First of all, the series was rebooted with only a two-year gap between the 2013 NFS: Rivals (a game I have never played) and then the self-titled Need For Speed. In most cases, a reboot happens when the series has been sat dormant for a length of time. For EA though, the reboot was just a way to get some extra publicity for the game that was going to come out anyway. The second reason why the i didn’t want the reboot is simply because the games that came out of it where fucking shite. The story (Arguably the most important thing in the series) was shit, at times the cars didn’t handle right, the music soundtracks where not what I would call exciting and in the latest game, completely riddled with micro-transactions making the game unplayable without sinking extra money into the game to be able to progress. I want the series to be rebooted again. I want a beautiful world, with stunning cars, and a great story. I want a new Midnight Club… Come on Rockstar… Get on it…


Good god, screw Star Wars: Battlefront

This was my game for an entire summer; my family went on a three-week holiday and I had a new PSP to pass the time on the flights. And with that PSP came Star Wars: Battlefront II. It was genuinely the game that got me into the ‘Star wars’ franchise and provided some of my favourite shooter action this side of classic CoD.

Fast forward to 2018, and Battlefront is at the frontline of shitty industry practices, exposing everything that is ugly about video games. What an absolute joke.

Thank god that ‘Spider-man’ has been such a massive success! Hopefully this will prove to Disney that micro-transaction tomfuckery isn’t necessary and we can go back to having quality ‘Star Wars’ games once again.