Devil May Cry isn’t a big series but a lot of people can be very divisive on which one is the best game in the series. We here at Respawning welcome all sorts of opinions even if they’re wrong (Luke and Will Andrews) and welcome them with open arms. So let’s argue over the best game in the Devil May Cry series all over again!


Whilst I’m not a huge DMC nerd like SOME people here, I’ve played a fair share of the series. And honestly? Original is the best. Mind you I never played 3 or 4, or ‘that’ DMC, but the original title was so, so good. One of Platinum’s earlier ventures, under the code name ‘Team Little Devils’, this Capcom collaboration nevertheless had all the hallmarks of a quality Platinum title: Smooth spectacle combat, replayability, and innovative design. Demon hunter, Dante, is attacked in his office by a mysterious woman named Trish, who reveals she wants to hire him to take out the soon-to-be-resurrected demon lord, Mundus. Soon left alone on the mysterious Mallet Island, Dante explores it and its vast castle ruins to uncover just what’s going on with this case…shooting, stabbing, and ripping apart whatever stands in his way.

The title has a few memorable moments, but none more so than seeing Dante impaled on the Alastor. It’s just so brutal, and he just *pulls himself through it*! What a badass!


Would I count myself as a Devil May Cry fan? Absolutely! Maybe not to the level of fandom as some of the other guys on this post but none the less, here are my thoughts on the best game in the series..

I feel like the majority of this post will come down to the old school Devil May Cry series vs the rebooted DMC from Ninja Theory in 2013. For me though, its not that easy. I truly loved DMC, despite deciding beforehand that I would hate it! When I first saw the new Dante, I quickly decided that this wouldn’t be for me but after caving and purchasing the game on release day, I quickly fell in love with the combat system, the gameplay and the art design. Sure, I still wasn’t overly pleased with this version of Dante and wasn’t that into the story but I was surprised how much I ended up loving it! Though it’s not my favourite…

That honour still belongs to the original Devil May Cry. The memories I have of this on the PS2 are truly wonderful. The first time I ever played it, I was absolutely captivated by the games world, the characters, the bosses, the gameplay and basically everything it had to offer! I couldn’t get enough of Dante & co and after playing it for the first time at a friends house, I quickly ran home and begged my Mum to buy me a second hand copy asap. Once I finally had the game in my hands I don’t think I left my bedroom for a week. To this day, the original game in the series is still one of my fondest PS2 memories so that is why it just edges out DMC for me.

Honourable mention to Devil May Cry 2 for being the worst in the series! I skived a day off school for that and managed to complete it (Dante’s disc anyway) before most my friends even got home, Devil May Cry games should not be that easy!


This is easy for me and i’ll tell you why. I remember absolutely fuck all about the entire series before DmC. Despite having played all of the games when i was younger I really can’t remember a thing. Anyway despite all this jazz DmC is the best anyway. The combat and levels are just so damn fun. It’s such a smooth stylish game that’s easy to get into and keeps you wanting to come back for more, and more. If you haven’t played DmC because Dante looks like an emo with the wrong colour hair, grow up and go play it, you will not regret it. Demon disco anyone?