Dead or Alive has always been famous for it’s… Assets. And though it may be a great fighting game you can all admit you feel a little embarrassed when you’re playing it with your nan in the room… So we’re here to discuss our favorite guilty pleasure games, whether it be something girly or just plain weird, we’re here to see em all!

Will J

‘Guilty pleasure’ is such a loaded term – It’s not something low-brow you like (“Ooh, Duran Duran are my guilty pleasure”), but that’s how we use it. My guilty pleasure is drop-kicking ugly children while wearing a pro-Brexit T-shirt, so screw it, I’m taking a stand and going literal – You know what game I feel genuine guilt for liking? Overwatch.

I admit it. I still play a game by a company that thinks it’s OK to fire 8% of your workforce in a day while overpaying your CEO to the tune of millions of dollars. And yes! In the spring of 2018, I BOUGHT SOME LOOTBOXES.

I’m ashamed. I am, really. Go easy on me, lads.


My gaming guilty pleasure definitely has to be Pokemon Go, I can’t keep away from it for too long and I’m constantly walking around spinning imaginary Pokestops, throwing endless balls at make believe creatures… BUT I LOVE IT. I am so addicted to catching them all and I don’t want to stop ever (At the moment). All I want is to level up and complete the research tasks to fuel an endless cycle of desire and monster catching… Someone help!


I’m ashamed to say that I had quite a few come to mind here! In fact, take a minute to look through my trophy collection and you will likely find almost as many guilty pleasures as actual decent games.

With that being said, I am going to go for a repeat offender and that is Dynasty Warriors. This particular guilty pleasure has spread across three generations of consoles for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not running out to purchase every DW game on every release day, instead I often find myself picking them up in the sales and losing hours and hours to it, mindlessly bashing square while my character hacks n slashes his way easily through the battlefield.

I don’t even really understand what is happening in the story, I often skip the cut scenes, skip over all the boring talky bits and go with the Sun family over the others simply because I like the colour red!

Will I ever stop playing these games though? Maybe. I haven’t picked one up for a while now, but talking about it again has given me the urge to take Sun Ce back out to the battlefield, find the highest populated part of the map and just start button bashing my way through the thousands and thousands of useless enemies as I satisfyingly watch my kill count rise and rise.

Right, I’m off to see if I can find the latest Dynasty Warriors in the sale!


There are a few questionable games in my history. None more so than the buggy mess we all remember from the middle of last decade Sonic the Hedgehog ’06. A mess of broken levels, poor sound editing and game breaking glitches. I still sunk so many hours into this shameful moment in the blue blurs history, particularly the Silver the Hedgehog sections where you could use the physics engine to lift and throw shit around with Silver’s amazing powers.

Sure those levels broke fairly often but the times where they worked it was super fun! Sure I’m on the wrong side of history for this one but I will defend that game till the end of time… Except the whole Sonic having a human girlfriend thing… That ain’t right yo.



I play a lot of RPGs, Strategy games, and sandbox titles. And uh…I also have a soft spot for wrestling, boxing, and basketball games. Why? I really don’t know – there’s just something about making your character, and taking them through a career that I find really cool. I spend hours making the character, then off I go, guiding them to the best they can be. I really love the old Fight Night series, as well as WWE titles in particular. Beating people up in elaborate ways is pretty fun! And basketball, it’s all about the movement, the tactics. So yes. Sports games like those are my guilty little pleasure.


It’s pretty sad my guilty pleasure with games. I love just sitting on my arse with a free to play mobile game just tapping around, building a massive empire. Call them real time strategy games if you want too (even if I really know there not) but they can be great sometimes to help pick up time management skills. You know what, besides that there good at waisting time, there’s not much good about them. All that matters is that I enjoy waisting time with them.