Nintendo’s online based package has just received 3 new games…I say new but you know what I mean…two for NES Dig Dug 2 and Mappy-Land but quite honestly I don’t give a crap about those because Earthworm Jim 2 is getting some love on the SNES app and I am here for it!

Ok so in case you didn’t know Earthworm Jim is a really groovy guy, an earthworm that had a super suit from space land on him and it gave him “intelligence” and super strength as well as just becoming a humorous loon. he had a TV show that’s getting a reboot soon and the Intellivision Amiico is getting EWJ 4 exclusively to it’s console (which I hope changes because no one cares about that console). Back in the day (’92 or ’93? I want to say) EWJ had a game release on the SNES and Megadrive and it rocked, it was funny, looked and sounded great, controlled brilliantly and was animated perfectly, it was critically and commercially acclaimed and a year or so later it had a sequel and the sequel was so much better adding new weapons, crazier levels, funny dialogue (yeah actual voices in a SNES game) and the animation was improved.


Some of the levels are you basic (I say basic they really aren’t) platformers, others you have to shoot through dirt using that falls on the ground to progress, one you play a worm (like the ones dogs get) and swim through a colon to the tune of midnight sonata and it’s amazing, there are bonus levels where you bounce puppies across a field to a dog house using a giant marshmallow and then there’s the bane of my life a top down level where you are on Jim’s little rocket bike bouncing a boom in an isometric view to the end of the level to kill a boss and honestly I can not wait to use save states to finally get past that level after 20 years of trying. I’m not kidding when I say I played this game so much I could get to that level (its like level 8 I think) with out loosing a life and then lose them all on that bloody thing…I also stupidly never wrote down the passwords given just opting to start the game from the beginning.


The fact this game is now available to all NSO subscribers is awesome, the first game got a ton of re-releases and even had a HD remake on the Xbox 360 and to me it was always sad that the second game doesn’t get talked about enough, I think its better in every way and during “loading” screens you can make cows talk in different pitches all saying “well done” and its amazing.


Anyway have a great and and don’t forget to be nice to each other.

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