Make sure you are at our YouTube channel at 16:30 BST today for the next episode of FIFA 20 Career Mode Battle – Road to Champions League Glory! For those who may not know, Respawning’s very own FIFA obsessed lads – Jav and Mikey have recently gone head to head with a FIFA 20 career mode each to see who can pull their lower league side to the Champions League the quickest. In the first episode they simply took their chosen sides and had a quick one on one to get a feel for what they’d be working with. You can view Episode One below..

Javier was first up to start his career proper and we think it’s fair to say that he got off to a rocky start.. Though a few savvy signings and promotion of younger talent soon led him to a big surprise win in the League Cup against Stoke City – a team which sits two leagues above Jav’s mighty Exeter City! Is Jav looking to take a Champions League shortcut through the cups? We’ll know soon enough! You can view all of this below in Episode 2..

Mikey was next up and got off to a flyer in his preseason tournament, netting a cool £1 million or so extra to spend on his squad which he did so with one massive Championship signing. Though having gone through an entire preseason tournament, finds himself behind in this race to promotion with rival Jav! You can of course watch Episode 3 below..

What will happen next? Find out live today at 16:30 BST as one of the lads attempts to pull away from the other!

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