We’re back with the second instalment of Respawning’s Let’s Talk series, where every Friday we get every one of our charismatic writers together to discuss a new topic.

Given that this week saw the welcome return Game of Thrones, this feels like the right time to get everybody here at Respawning together to discuss why the show means so much to us, if it does at all. So let’s crack on with it and Let’s Talk: Why Game of Thrones hold such a special place in our heart…


It’s because there are dragons… GOT is one of those shows where between seasons I forget it’s such a big deal, then the new season starts and I’m completely back in, completely engrossed (Such a shame that in 6 weeks I’ll never get that feeling again). It’s also one of the few shows where I won’t look at my phone whilst I’m watching it – Anyway, the reason it’s so special is because it is chock full of fantasy lore but somehow it doesn’t shove it in your face, it’s more about the relationships between characters and how certain decisions affect others. My mum is obsessed with the show and she usually hates anything remotely fantastical for example. I think it’s also simply just how well the fantastic story line is translated to screen, nothing is over complicated and everything feels like it matters, there’s no filler in this show. It’s honestly the best thing on TV and I’ll be a sad man when it’s no longer on.


Where do I start with this one?! It’s going to be a struggle to keep this one short as Game of Thrones is undoubtedly my favourite TV show of all time, and to be honest, nothing else really comes close. I think for me, the main thing that drives the show and makes it special is the characters and their relationships with each other. Sure, dragons are cool and the battles are better than most scenes you’ll see on the big screen, but all of that would mean nothing if we didn’t truly love or hate each individual character. I have never known any other show that has made me care as much as Thrones does, every time a main character dies it’s truly a news worthy event. Hell even when a supporting character dies it’s a massive deal! Nothing in this world happens for no good reason, everything links together and always ends up meaning something in the long run. Game of Thrones has evolved to more than a TV show for me, in between seasons I find myself reading the books or even rewatching the show again and again, trying to absorb as much information and lore about George RR Martin’s world as humanly possible. So yeah, it’s more than a show for me and that’s why it holds such a special place in this nerds heart.


There’s a lot to love about GOT I mean it wouldn’t be the massive success it has been if it wasn’t rammed great moments and characters. For me though I’ve got a lot of love for a few characters in particular. Mostly the scoundrels and morally questionable but still decent chaps. Example? Davos Seaworth, the onion knight. A world weary former smuggler who most people probably didn’t expect to make it out of season 2 alive. He’s gone on to become a fan favourite for his pragmatic views on the political landscape of westeros and witty remarks. Sure there are funnier characters and better fighters but Davos has gotten by with only his street smarts and way with words and is now a major player in the war to come! Pretty good going for a smuggler from Flea Bottom!


I have been a huge fantasy fan from a very young age as, for me, they were my escape from bullies at school and the like, with huge epics such as Lord Of The Rings keeping my nose buried in a book and out of the bullies’ way.

It wasn’t until GOT that something came along that appealed to the adult fantasy nerd within me and rekindled the feeling I had when I went to see Fellowship of the Ring on release day.


I didn’t get into Game of Thrones until Season 4 came out. In Australia, it only airs on Foxtel, and paying a sub just for one show seemed a little silly – That’s why it did, and does, have such a major issue being pirated over here… But I did manage to watch a few episodes with a friend, and ended up renting the then entire series on DVD. Game of Thrones intrigued me because they were willing to do what so many shows and movies still aren’t – Kill off main characters. Things like the Red Wedding were just… Astounding in how they removed plot armour and went against your expectations – Add that in with pretty decent writing, and you found yourself actually wondering who was next, and where the series would end up.

Sadly, I think that sort of thing is done for the most part though – I feel a lot of that magic was due to being based on the books, and now the writers are going more freestyle so to speak, they may not be so sure what to do. After Margaery and most of House Tyrrel’s explosive exit, I feel the series got a lot more cautious with the who and when, too. I fully expect the writers to settle into a fairytale ending, with Jon and Daenerys leading the Seven Kingdoms, Sansa leading House Stark, Arya and Tyrion ending up ok, likewise the Hound and Brienne. I think Cersei will die, and likely by her brother’s hand, to mirror his slaying of the Mad King. He’ll then probably exile himself to Essos or something. And Bran will almost certainly time travel back and be the historic Bran that sets up House Stark and the Wall in the first place.

But who knows? Maybe I’ll be wrong. I hope so, at least… And that possibility, along with the long-term investment, is why I’ll keep watching Game of Thrones til the last episode. It’s why you will, too.


So, I haven’t watched Game of Thrones since Season 5, the reason being that my asshole classmate ruined a major death and I just never regained interest enough to watch it. Shame that, really, because I was a huge fan of the show; I learned to edit video in Adobe After Effects by turning the Battle of the Blackwater into a 2009-esque Call of Duty montage. Great fun.

Between that and watching the whole of Season 3 on a dodgy website in a hotel in Lanzarote, GoT comes with some wholesome memories attached, at least.


I think I’m a bit of an oddball amongst all of these Game of Thrones fanboys here… Not because of any disdain for the series, or any dislike… But purely because I simply haven’t watched a single episode of George R.R. Martin’s acclaimed masterpiece.

For one reason or another, be it access restrictions via not having streaming subscriptions or cable TV, not having the time (Got to spend every minute playing videogames; amirite?), or feeling like the series has progressed too far for me to ever catch up with it’s relevancy; it’s safe to say that, unlike everyone else here, I currently do not give a single shit about Game of Thrones.

…But it may not stay that way for long… Watch this space…


I don’t think there’s much I can say about this that’s unique or original… Personally what I like about Game of Thrones is that it keeps you on your toes all the time, and they aren’t afraid to just kill off anyone. I like that there’s no fan pandering and no one is safe!


I’ve been hooked on Game of Thrones since it first aired back in 2011, it’s just a fantastic series both visually and the narrative hasn’t disappointed. Before became an avid fan of Game of Thrones, there was AMCs The Walking Dead which has a series which is amazing and also one of the worst television series in history. Since The Walking Dead has let me down, my attention purely on Game of Thrones and I’m going to be so sad when it’s ended.

It’s difficult to sit down and tell you which part has been my favourite episode or season as they’re all fantastic. The Red Wedding scene has to be one of the most stomach turning events ever and what made it worse is everyone who has read the books was able to keep that spoiler from getting out. We’ve all seen the reaction videos, the pure horror on viewers faces and yet in the shadows the readers of the books were sitting there, candle lit, watching in pure joy.

Also there is something special about the series as a whole as people are in two camps, those who have watched it and those who haven’t watched it yet.


There is only one question I want answered. How many people will be fillmed being killed in the act of war. GOT is faimed for its huge battle sequences and I want to see more. Also somehow, theres a character that I love becasue i hate him that much, is that weird?