Welcome to Respawning’s Film & TV Club! The purpose of this is to get a bunch of us together once a week and allow us the chance to chat shit about whatever takes our fancy in the world of Films & TV! With JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo finally confirmed to be getting an anime adaptation, we drew our gazes towards similar forms of expression – Those stories and tales formed by the swish of a pen or brush… Animations that captivated us, drew us into their worlds, and left a lasting impact on us! Here are our favourite animated films & shows!


Oh, animation, it’s a beautiful thing. Moving art. It’s something that we have started to take for granted due to technology being everywhere around us. The appreciation for the little things disappear and we forget the time and effort people go through to bring these amazing features to our eyes. Recently I watched The Lion King again. It’s a film that I watched as a kid and will always be lodged in my head as a film of my childhood. Exploring many issues ranging from death, abandoment, betrail and friendship. It’s a timeless story that I will always love (Mainly for a short song involving coconuts…) and in future will definitely be shairing with my future spawn.

Moving on to something for that adults… Rick and Morty… Say what you will about the show, but there’s something about it that just draws you in for more. Even if you don’t like the show at all. Yes there are some small references that got a little out of hand (PICKLE RICK!!!) but there’s more to the show that I like, the piss take of Jarasic Park with Anatomy Park, and the inception style all over the place with many Rick’s and Many Morties. Animation is something that will always interest people of all ages, especially me (And the kid inside).


For me, one show that’s always stayed close to my heart is Avatar: The Last Airbender – I remember waking up at 6am with my stepdad to go downstairs and watch reoeats of the various episodes, and even became so infatuated with the series that I watched every episode in Nickelodeon’s infamous Summer Marathons; I LOVED the world of Avatar, the culture, the life lessons, and the stories tied to each character – It also holds the personal award of the first animated show that’s ever made me cry… Damn Iroh’s Little Soldier Boy song gets me every time…

Other than that, Bleach is another animated show that is close to me personally; helping me through Upper School and my depression, following Ichigo Kurosaki’s often ridiculous battles and power escalations just resonated with me so well… Just a shame that the Final Arc was such a flop… I still play Bleach Brave Souls to this day!!