Less than one hour ago Fallout’s twitter account posted posted the video below teasing us of a new TV series based on the much loved and much hated franchise.Even though Beteshda have been on shaky ground with many fans of the series after the release of Fallout ’76, a series based in that universe could be amazing and as a non fan myself even I am excited for this. What will it be about? Who knows? I can tell you this though it most likely wont be based on any game in the franchise directly as all Fallout games are set in different areas of the Post-Apocalyptic United States and usually a different Vault is the starting area for each game.

It would be pretty awesome to see different stories of the vaults in each episode, like all the creepy experiments that are held in that Vaults across america…most likely it will follow one vault dweller. either way its gonna have a bitching 1950’s inspired soundtrack.

All we can do now is wait and see.