It’s crazy to think that it’s been five long months since us Brits were all moaning and groaning about Disney+ being launched in the US while leaving us hanging. Well one week ago we finally got the service, but does anyone over here even care anymore?

If there’s one thing that big Walt and co got right – it’s the timing! Yes it’s late, and yes we’ve all watched The Mandalorian through other nefarious means by now, but we can’t ignore the fact that the majority of the country is currently on lockdown and looking for something to entertain themselves and their children… this plays perfectly into Disney’s hands and will definitely set off the conspiracy nuts as well!

Seriously, is anyone actually watching this week by week?!

Though I’m here speaking as a person who’s life hasn’t drastically changed too much with the recent events. As a key worker I’m still expected to go to work and I also don’t have any children to keep busy while the schools are closed. So is it worth it for me? 

The sad truth is not really. As I already touched on, I’ve already watched every episode of The Mandalorian and let’s be honest, that’s basically the only notable original content that Disney + is providing. Plus to add salt to the wound, Disney have the cheek to still release them weekly! I also already own every MCU and Star Wars movie on blu ray so those collections don’t appeal to me (other than being available in 4K, that’s pretty cool) and as nostalgic as the Disney classics are, I’m just never going to watch them.

Do we even need Ewoks in 4K?

So what does Disney+ need to do to get my hard earned £5.99? The upcoming Falcon & Winter Soldier series will do the trick that’s for sure but that’s still a few months away. There is one major card that Disney could still play and that’s Black Widow. The film was scheduled for release a month today on May 1st, but for obvious reasons that can no longer happen. Other movies such as Invisible Man and The Hunt have paved the way for movies coming straight out of cinema and straight to download. So could Disney+ follow suit?

It would be a massive statement and one that would make me stick around. Yes, I could just watch the movie and cancel my subscription but I’m not sure I would. Something as bold as releasing one of the biggest blockbusters of the year straight to their streaming service is the sort of move that would make me sit up and take notice. It would instantly make me feel like I’ve got my money’s worth for a month or two which would carry us nicely to Falcon & Winter Soldier. Speaking of which, could we possibly see that being brought forward? It’s already happened once and with all of us stuck at home, why not strike while the iron’s hot?

Get this man on Disney+ ASAP!

I realise that all of this is easier said than done, I’m sure if it was possible and made financial sense then Disney would have done all of this already. It’s just as it stands, I wont be renewing my subscription because they haven’t given me a reason to do so, and I’m not the only one. Speaking to friends and colleagues, the feeling seems to be the same everywhere. Parents are keeping hold of it for now until the kids get bored of it but for the rest of us, it’s a pointless service. When Netflix and Prime are continuously providing great original content on a weekly basis, Disney+ can’t afford to rely on old movies and an out of date Star Wars show, they need to do something fast otherwise they’ll be playing catch up for the foreseeable future… or at least until Falcon & Winter Soldier releases.

All in all, I can’t help but view the Disney+ launch here in the UK as a fail. Yes they’ve had a bit of luck with the current lockdown but a big old nerd like me is clearly their target audience, and I have no interest as it stands. Come on Disney, you’re the experts at making my wallet feel half the weight it should do, it’s time to prove it.

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