Being big fans of the MCU, Marvel and absolute mega fans of Kevin Feige Javier and Mike’s hype is off the charts for endgame. So much so that they’ve booked to see the Infinity war/endgame midnight showing in a couple weeks. Looking forward into this culmination of 11 years of cinema, 11 years of the best movie franchise ever crafted. They discuss the MCU and some of our predictions for Endgame. Strap yourself in for a nerdy chat….

Mikey G: Kevin Feige is our Lord and Saviour.

Javier R: Praise be unto him! So we caught up at the weekend and watched civil war which really got us talking didn’t it

MG: Yeah it did, I think it’s fair to say that it’s somehow managed to kick our excitement up another level!

JR: As it’s the best film ever made …. ?

MG: It would be if Infinity War didn’t exist …… ?

JR:  Ha! So basically we all know what’s happened up until now and we have some theories and ideas about how it’s all going to end, and more importantly who will End in Endgame

MG: Yes so I think it’s fair to say expect spoilers for all the MCU movies to this point!


MG: Right, which one of us is going to start this thing?

JR:  You go for it

MG: Right, so speaking of characters that will meet their end in Endgame – Iron Man. I know it’s already widely predicted that our beloved Tony Stark may die in this film but I want to talk about how.

You and I were talking about the Tony left arm theory and for those of you who don’t know this one – it’s basically just pointing out that Tony has been nursing an arm injury since the first Iron Man movie and as the MCU has gone on, it’s become more and more obvious that his left arm is not in a good way (see his constant nursing of it in Civil War and Homecoming and multiple shots inside his helmet that point to his left arm being injured). The idea being that this could be foreshadowing something, more specifically Tony wielding the Infinity Gauntlet with said arm.

This to me could be how he meets his end.. I can see the final fight getting to the point where everyone is beaten and battered and down on the floor, including Thanos. But then Tony will notice that Thanos doesn’t have the gauntlet and that it’s just lying there unattended. This is where I believe he will take his moment, knowing that once he attempts to wield the gauntlet he could lose his arm or even his life and sacrifice himself for the good of everyone to unsnap the snap! We get back all the guys who got dusted but lose Tony Stark in the process.

MG: Sorry, I went on a bit there didn’t I!

JR:  Haha it’s all good ok so I have to say I pretty much agree as I think it’ll be Iron man who performs the great sacrifice. I do think that at the beginning of the movie someone else will die. like Nebula. they’ll battle Thanos and he’ll defeat and kill one. Somehow, they’ll all escape and that’s when they time travel

MG: Yeah I agree, I can see there being a big fight early on with – like you said, a big early death. Sort of like the Loki and Heimdall deaths in Infinity War.

JR: Yes exactly. I do think that cap will die as well, Maybe after the snap and tony is dead. they still need to defeat Thanos. Thanos kills Cap and that causes Bruce to hulk out and kill him?

MG: Well speaking of Captain America.. My prediction is that if they do find a way to time travel, then he will decide to go back and live out his days with Peggy Carter back in the forties once all the fighting is done. Bruce will definitely Hulk out for an epic fight with Thanos.. not sure if he’ll beat him though.

JR:  That’s not a bad shout. As he’s never truly fit in here has he. Perhaps it’ll take a combined effort from hulk n cap marvel

MG: And Thor?

JR:  Always. Do you think there will be other enemies in this, like will they have to fight old enemies?

MG: Hmm.. haven’t really thought about that. I guess if they’re time travelling then there’s endless possibilities for Villains.

JR:  Would be pretty awesome, or they acquire help from old foes……who knows.


So at this point we’ve half agreed that we think Tony will defeat Thanos and die and Cap goes back in time and the others take out Thanos after the snap is unsnapped.

What about non snap deaths?


MG: I really don’t want any of the post snap deaths to be reversed. Vision is the only one I’d like to see back. I think that Guardians 3 would be incredibly interesting to see how they handle the loss of one of their main characters. And I think if you turn around every one of the deaths then it makes Infinity War feel a bit meaningless. We should still have some fallout from Infinity when this is all said and done.

JR:  Yeh I completely agree. I think Vision can come back as he was last and after they failed to get the gauntlet. But the others should, and probably will stay dead. It’ll be really interesting to see a more sombre Star lord. I’m also interested to see if they’ll go back in time and actually manage to get visions stone out safely.

MG: Yeah don’t take my Vision away, plus we need him for the Vision & Scarlet Witch series.

JR:  Haha or the really depressed because she’s lonely scarlet witch series. I think Gamora and Loki need to stay dead, like you said they can’t completely reverse infinity

MG: So which of the main Avengers survive?

JR:  All except cap n Tony in my opinion. Maybe Hawkeye could die to save his family

MG: Imagine how heart breaking it will be if Hawkeye does enough to bring his family back but dies in the process.

JR:  Yeh exactly it’ll be amazing

MG: It’d be horrible! You heartless maniac

JR:  Hahaha. I also think Renner is done to be honest. I can see him doing other movies more like Mission impossible or Hurt Locker

MG: Well he could just retire. I like to think I’m very optimistic with Cap going back to his own time and Hawkeye saving his family and retiring in peace while you’re like, “Yeah, everyone’s dead mate” Hahaha

JR:  Yeh I’m pretty heartless. Well they’re both options. So are we agreed that hulk n Thor carry on? Black widow has a movie in the works so that’s all but confirmed

MG: Yeah, we need Ragnarok 2

JR:  Desperately. And what do you think for the future. We briefly discussed a New Avengers team. My predicted team would be Dr Strange, Spidey, Bucky as cap, Black Panther and maybe an original member like Hulk. Then cap marvel joins the remaining Guardians for a space Avengers

MG: I want to be different but that makes a lot of sense. Include Falcon, Vision and Scarlet Witch in that New Avengers line up as well.

JR:  That’s a hell of a big team haha. But they could have different units and it could lead into a bigger story like time runs out….

MG: It’s the MCU, they’ll find a way to make it work!

JR:  They haven’t failed yet.

MG: Very true

JR: OK so have you got any theories that are completely out there?

MG: Haha now you’re talking, lets finish on a crazy prediction each!

JR:  Oh wait hang on… Something I do want to discuss briefly

MG: Go on..

JR:  What do you think has happened to the dusted heroes. Do you think they’ll be in this at all before the end?

MG: Yeah I think once the snap has been reversed they’ll come back and as one giant glorious team, will help the surviving Avengers put an end to Thanos once and for all.

JR:  See I still think they’re in an alternative reality, like a battle planet or something. And they will be in the movie in some form trying to figure a way back. I guess that’s my crazy theory.

MG: I find those sort of ideas interesting but I genuinely just think they’ve been erased from existence and that’s it.

JR:  And they’ll come back. OK well good to know your view

MG: Feels less tragic if they’re all together hanging out somewhere.

JR:  Haha Yeh true. But we know they’re not dead

MG: This is also true.

JR:  OK so my other crazy prediction – Fury is a Skrull and fucks them at the end


JR:  Hahahahahahaha “Great minds……”

MG: Okay, I need to think of something else then. Right, got one! One of the main Avengers will die in the first act and through the means of time travel, the remaining Avengers will bring back a younger version of that character from the past! Maybe the reason why we have a clean shaven Cap again, who knows.

JR:  Oh yes I love that!

MG: I can’t wait to be stood outside the cinema at 4am in a couple weeks realising how wrong we were.

JR:  Hahaha Yeh me too. And crying because someone major has died

MG: Or everyone major has died…

JR: Don’t make me cry

MG: On that chirpy note!

MG  Not much more we can say except watch this space for immediate reactions to Endgame in a couple weeks

MG: Spoiler alert: It’s going to be emotional!


Thanks for reading everyone. If you have any thoughts or comments on our little chat please give us a shout and let us know if you think we’re spot on or wildly incorrect!