The spy who dumped me is a parody of,… Well you know, and let’s be honest it doesn’t like like mila kunis’ best. So we thought we’d talk our least favourite parodies to great films.


There are so so many bad parody movies to choose from nowadays, I remember when they used to be great such as Austin Powers, Scary Movie, and Naked Gun. Since those times I don’t remember watching a good parody film, in fact, I actively avoid them because they’re such trash.

Of course, I’m talking about the parody films that are simply ‘title’ Movie, the title being what they’re taking the piss out of. Classics such as EPIC Movie, Disaster Movie & Date Movie. These are all absolute shite and shouldn’t be watched by anyone ever. The jokes are awful and just stupid and they have no plot. They just go too far on being silly slapstick and don’t end up being funny at all. Don’t waste your time!


God, there are so many. They don’t necessarily have to have the “title Movie” thing going for it to do the exact same thing. Meet the Spartans, Vampires Suck and Dance Flick are some of the few abominations that haunt my dreams. Whatever happened to my favorite parody series Scary Movie? Those were actually good before everyone and their nan decided to rip it off. The only one to carry the legacy of Scary Movie somewhat is A Haunted House which was serviceable at best.

But I’m sure you haven’t heard of Ricky 1. The only way I found out about this film was because of the AVGN video on it. Man does it look like it blows ass.

Seriously though I’m glad these movies have stopped for the most part. I’ll still watch any that comes out just to torture myself.


I’ll level with you internet. I’ve never liked parody movies. From Scary Movie to Austin Powers. I just can’t get into it. The humor just goes over my head every time though if I have to pick one movie that I hate above all else for this garbage genre. Superhero Movie, releasing at a time when the only really successful superhero franchise to parody was the Spider-Man trilogy this failed abortion of a film tries and fails to mock an idea that hadn’t even really gotten of the ground yet. I mean just a few months later Iron Man hit cinemas and started the endlessly stream of superhero movies we see today. NOW would be an ideal time for a mockery and you know what? We go to it with the release of Deadpool. A parody disguised as just a quality superhero movie. That’s how it’s done Hollywood.



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