It’s finally here Jedi and Sith bros! The final trailer for the upcoming conclusion to the main saga, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, has finally arrived… And there’s plenty to examine and theorise on in the 2 short minutes of footage we see! But let’s not forget what happened with The Last Jedi; people came up with their own ideas and plans for how that film should go, and eventually they were disappointed to see that a bunch of writers and a director made a film that was entirely different to what they had imagined, and shared on their Twitter feeds to all of 3 followers… So let’s just stick with what we can see for now, and leave the theories for the conspiracy nuts right?

Of course, the first thing to notice is that the infamous “Dark Rey” shown in the previous trailer doesn’t show up this time around, instead we get nothing but shots of Jedi Rey. The latest in order of powerful space monks seems to have mastered her powers to a new level, and is seen running around a forested training ground, and later on in the trailer she’s in battle with a very angry looking Kylo Ren. I can’t wait to see how their showdown will go! Will we see the new Supreme Leader of the First Order find some kind of redemption? Or has Ben Solo gone too far into the Dark side? 

Of course Rey isn’t battling the Dark on her alone. The Resistance is back and seemingly at full strength after their losses in the previous film – Now seemingly led by handsome puckish rogue, Poe Dameron, a swift clip during the trailer shows a huge fleet of Starfighters and cruisers with Poe’s new orange X-Wing and the ever present Millennium Falcon leading the charge, also worth noting for the Rebels fans out there is that the iconic VCX-100 Light Freighter known as “Ghost” is right behind the heroes ship – Is Hera Syndulla still rebelling all these years later? Maybe we’ll finally see her in live action too! No Will! No theories!

During the last trailer there was a quick flash of a massive fleet of classic Star Destroyers, this of course set off the theory cannons with many claiming it was a secretly assembled army ready for the revived Emperor Palpatine to use – Of course we all know Palpatine will be playing some part in the new film, maybe this fleet is his, but we’ll have to wait and see; what we’ve just been shown though is the epic Star Cruisers rising from an ocean while the plucky rebels run from the war machines! My original thoughts on the ships were that they were just another vision made to mess with the heroes, but now I see that it’s no false hallucination! They’re very real, and there’s a hell of a lot of them… No wonder the Resistance has gathered the biggest fleet they can! 

As I just said, the former Emperor of the Galaxy is back to screw things up for the Light side once more, in what capacity is hard to say right now, but he’s definitely been pulling a few strings in his 30 year absence! It seems like the final showdown will be taking place on what remains of Sheev’s (That’s honestly the lighting throwing madman’s first name!) pride and joy, The Death Star II – Half submerged in a rough sea, Rey and Kylo stare each other down in my Pal, Friendpatine’s throne room (Hah), which fans will vividly remember as being where Luke and Vader had their own final confrontation. Perhaps that’ll be where The Emperor finally reveals himself as the vengeful puppet master! Though there is a very brief shot of Rey looking at someone approaching her, seemingly in life support equipment; maybe that’s the man himself? Or some other unseen threat we are yet to discover… No Will! Stave off the urge to theorise!

Now I’ve held off mentioning this so far, because it stings, I mean honestly it’s like a kick in the nuts from an angry Dug – C-3PO, the world’s favourite gilded butler, is having some work done; new character and apparent Droid mechanic Babu Frik is seen with the back of 3PO’s head open and plugging in several wires – In a heart breaking moment, the droid looks around the room at Rey, Poe, Finn, Chewbacca and his constant companion R2-D2, when asked what he’s doing by Poe, the hooked up droid replies “Taking one last look Sir…at my friends”. Oh god! What’s happening to you 3PO! We’ll of course have to wait, but I’m almost certain I don’t even want to know!

That’s just some of the incredible shots we saw, but of course there is much more to see, so be sure to watch the trailer yourself a few times and watch as your arms come up in goosebumps as the main theme plays and Master Jedi Luke Skywalker signs off with the exact same words I’m going to use… The Force will be with you, always. 

Rise of Skywalker blasts into cinemas on the 19th of December 2019!

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