What is Game of Thrones? If you need to ask that then there’s a good chance you also ask people what kind of wallpaper would look nice on that rock you’ve been living under for the past 8 years.

Since its pilot episode way back when in 2011, Game of Thrones has taken the world by storm in the same way that Star Wars and Harry Potter have done before it. Ask pretty much anyone and they’ll be able to tell you a list of their favourite characters and scenes, and even which House they belong to and why your house isn’t as good!

With the final season on the horizon, and after a longer gap than we’re normally used to, you could be forgiven for forgetting a thing or two. Don’t worry though little nerd, Lord Commander Will is here to tell you what you need to know before the final battles begin! So grab your sword, your bow and a bowl ‘o brown!

Last we saw of the various characters in Westeros, everything was coming to a head. The combined armies of the North, led by King in the North and Sean Bean impressionist Jon Snow, and the mixed bag of cultures, warriors and reptiles that makes up Daenerys Targaryen’s fairly massive force were all preparing for this grand finale. They were sailing north to combat the threat of the White Walkers that has been constantly mentioned, but only now seems to have started directly affecting the world – During the flight of fancy and pride, Jon and Daenerys have finally given into to their base instincts and gotten down to the business of dirt; sure we’re all happy for them and it’s a union that couldn’t look much sexier if they tried, but that scene was undercut with Jon’s best friend Samwell and his brother Professor X… I mean Bran Stark, combining their knowledge and realising that Ol’ Jonny boy is not the bastard child of Eddard Stark as we all believed, but is in fact the legitimate son of Daenerys’ brother Rhaegar Targaryen  nd Eddard’s sister Lyanna Stark… And is actually the true heir to the Iron Throne with the real name of Aegon Targaryen. Revelations! Amazing news! Wait… But… That makes Daenerys his aunt… And he just… MOVING ON!

Speaking of incest, famous incestuous twins and constant Stark family foils, the Lannisters, met with the King in the North and the Stormborn to discuss a truce to join together against the White Walkers – While putting on a show of joining the Westeros Power Rangers, the famously untrustworthy Cersei decides later to leave the men in the North to die so she can take full control. This didn’t sit well with Jamie, a man who has gone from most hated man in the world to perhaps its greatest hero with an arc that is maybe the best in the series; Jamie finally sees his sister for what she is, and has decided to finally leave her to it and sets out to the Northern front alone to do what he can. As he leaves, snow begins to fall on the usually sunny Kings Landing; an ominous warning to the mad queen that the threat she’s ignoring and her brother is facing, is most definitely coming!

The threat of the White Walkers has been a constant bleak backdrop for the series, especially during the story of Jon Snow as he led the Nights Watch to guard The Wall against this cold front; the scariest part of this army of snow zombies however is their silent leader, the Night’s King. With his crown of ice spikes, deep blue staring eyes and ability to instantly raise the dead as his thralls, it’s no wonder Jon is scared and began begging for help. His most evil act though came near the close of the last season; as Jon lead a party past the Wall to get evidence of the coming threat, he and his band of merry men were set upon by basically the entire army of The Night’s King. When all seemed lost, Daenerys arrived with her dragons to save the day. Unfazed the frosty leader picked up a javelin of ice and speared one of the 3 dragons through the throat, bringing it crashing down to its death – After the heroes made their escape, the King was shown dragging the fire breathers corpse up from the frozen lake and using his powers to revive it as his blue flame spewing mount. This brought us to the final shot of the whole season, as the King used his new pet to destroy a section of the Wall that had been the final defence for the rest of Westeros, and as the wights poured in we knew we’re entering the end game!

What happens now will be anyones guess, but you can be certain that the internet will be awash with theories and spoilers for the 2 months that the series airs. Even now people are pitching ideas and “leaking” storylines, but the best we can do is settle in 1 night a week from April and watch as the men and women of Westeros literally fight for their lives!