It’s not very often that I watch a whole lot of movies. I don’t know why I just can’t bring myself to watch them these days even though I have a great love for film. I still remember that I would go and buy a DVD every single day at a local market, I discovered so many cool movies through doing that and since DVDs were like less than a dollar I could just keep growing a huge collection. But anyways here are a couple of movies that I saw recently or not so recently that I think people should watch!


This movie is wacky ass. I kinda really love the concept of the film, being about falling in love with an A.I. but I feel like it tells us more about how relationships and things have changed in the digital age. As a young person, this movie kinda resonated with me in that regard. But everything else about the film is also just so fantastic to the shots, music, and dialogue. It has a very warm and wholesome feeling to it.

Batman Ninja

I heard about this movie a while back and I wasn’t really into it, until I realised that the whole concept of the film was completely new and made up by the directors with no prior inspiration from the comics and all that – So a completely Japanese take on Batman was something super refreshing. I went into this film expecting really well-choreographed fight scenes, an interesting story and just weird Japanese nuances that American animation studios can’t pull off… And I got all of that and more. The more being some of the most out of left field, crazy and unexpected paths that this movie takes. Check it out for yourself, you’ll either hate it or love it.

A Boy and His Dog

This movie from 1975 was something I just kind of happened across one day. It’s based on a book that I haven’t read because books are for huge nerds, but the idea of the film is that it’s just a post-apocalyptic world and it follows two characters. A man and his dog, but what’s special about this pair is the fact that they can actually telepathically communicate with each other. The world that they explore is cool and the relationship between the two central characters is an interesting one. I don’t think many people have seen this movie let alone heard of it… So check it out.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

So this is a documentary and probably one of the most compelling ones I’ve seen; I’m am actually not going to say much about this one but I’ll just say that if you’re easily emotional then this movie will make you bawl like a baby bitch. It’s horrifying and depressing and it put into perspective for me how one person can be so incredibly evil. Check it out if you want to have no faith in humankind anymore.