Y’all really be sleeping on Barry huh?

I never would have discovered this amazing show if it wasn’t for the super informative and amazing SuperEyePatchWolf over on YouTube. His videos talk about primarily about anime and video games and his seasonal videos about the things he likes are my favourites because I get recommended stuff like this!

So, if you’re a fan of dark comedies, then this show is pretty much right up your alley – It definitely feels like that show Dexter, you know with the murdering and all that. I’m saying this without even seeing an episode of Dexter, but I will just say yes, it’s a better Dexter. Fight me.

Barry’s story is pretty simple, our main character Barry, played by Bill Hader is an ex-marine and now a hitman who is pretty much depressed and done with his life. He gets a job in Los Angeles, and finds himself meeting a bunch of people interested in theatre, and, well, he really vibes with it too… So he begins to try and sever his connection with his old life of crime and live a life where he can be happy doing something he genuinely enjoys.

What follows is an amazing story about a dude just trying to get by and live a normal life, and trying his hardest not to complicate things for people he genuinely cares about now, and how maybe it’s a life he simply cannot escape. It has an amazing sense of humour too since it’s not a straight-up comedy; the comedic moments hit you a lot harder and all the characters are extremely endearing – You’ll find your favourites within the show since they’re are a lot of memorable ones.

One thing I didn’t know about this show until writing this article was that a lot of the episodes were directed by Hiro Murai; if you don’t know who that is, he’s a Japanese-American filmmaker who does a lot of stuff for rappers like Childish Gambino and his This is America video and Earl Sweatshirt – He’s also directed a lot of the episodes of Donald Glover’s show Atlanta, which is another amazing show worth checking out.

I can’t really say much at the end of the day because it’s such a short but sweet show – Though it has been renewed for a second season. I also think that the show could have perfectly ended with the first season and there would be no complaints; if the second season turns out to be garbage, then I’ll just pretend it ended at the first! That’s a really good deal for me, though, ’cause I love the ending of the first season.

If you really want something super cool, funny and genuinely good, check this show out. It makes you feel for the characters, mainly Barry, like no other show that claims to be a dark comedy does… And I respect it like crazy for that.

Thank you for hearing ramble about a TV show that I couldn’t even get too in depth about… But trust me, it’s totally worth it. It’s real short too, so get binging!