Not long to wait now! That’s right, Captain Marvel hits cinemas next Friday and to say I’m excited would be an understatement.

This is the joy of the MCU, it doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was sat in the cinema watching Ant-Man & The Wasp and going through the emotions of Avengers: Infinity War… So are you as excited as I am? Are you looking for ways to pass the time before the world is introduced to Marvel’s newest star? Then sit back and enjoy my 5 predictions for what I believe will happen in Captain Marvel.

Note: These are in order of how likely I think they are to happen, going from definitely happening to complete stab in the dark. Also, spoilers ahead if I’m right!

1. We see how Nick Fury loses his eye

Okay yes this is an obvious one! I think fans will be more shocked if we don’t see this, especially as the trailers have shown Fury with both his eyes instead of sporting the famous eye patch that we are used to in the later films! The question is how? In truth I don’t have a clue. If I was forced to guess then I will put the blame on one of the Skrulls or Kree maybe but I am excited to find out. Separate plot twist idea: He lost his eye way before this film and the two eyed Fury is actually a Skrull imposter! More on that later…

2. We will get a Yondu cameo

I think Captain Marvel is set up perfectly for a cameo appearance by everyone’s favourite space pirate. Given how heavily the movie will feature the Kree and Kree characters such as Ronan The Accuser, it would be the perfect time for us to have one more scene with Michael Rooker’s beloved Yondu. It has never actually been confirmed in the MCU as to whether or not Yondu is a Kree but given his blue skin and the fact he was taken in by Kree slavers as a child, this wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. And even if he isn’t, this is still the sort of environment you would expect him to pop up in. Throw in the fact that Captain Marvel is set in the 90’s so the ending of Guardians 2 won’t matter and we’re all set for one more Yondu appearance!

3. Jude Law will be playing Mar-Vell

Yes this one was rumoured for a long time and seemed pretty obvious, but recently it has come out that Jude Law is going to be playing Yon-Rogg, not Mar-Vell. Yeah… I’m not buying it! I’ll put my hands up here and admit that I really didn’t know who Yon-Rogg was, but after a little research I discovered (Potential movie spoilers ahead!) that he was directly involved in Carol Danvers getting her powers and becoming Captain Marvel. The short version is that Yon-Rogg was an enemy of Mar-Vell, and during a fight between the two, was when the explosion happened that was responsible for merging the DNA of Mar-Vell and Danvers after the former shielded Carol, causing the merge that would give Carol her powers. Following? Good. So why do I believe Jude Law is Mar-Vell? I don’t believe the film makers are going to have Mar-Vell and Yon-Rogg as two separate characters and will find a way to make Jude Law’s character a sort of two in one. Confused? Think something along the lines of Aldrich Killian also being the Mandarin in Iron Man 3… just less lame.

4. The opening scene will be the end credit scene from Infinity War

Okay I’m not really overly sure this will happen but damn, I want it to! Judging from the trailers we have seen so far, it seems like we will be jumping around a load of different time periods as they tell the story of Carol Danvers. Well what better time period to start in that the current one?! Let’s face it, a lot of excitement for this film was garnered from that end credit scene where (Infinity War spoilers) Nick Fury fades away after Thanos’ snap but just has enough time to page Captain Marvel to call for help. So with that at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, why not just open with that to get those excitement levels back to where they were post Infinity War? And then flash back in time to tell the story of who she is and end the movie with how it started. This move would also be the polar opposite of what happened with Ant-Man & The Wasp, where it felt like up until the end they were doing whatever they could to make us not think about the world-changing events of Infinity War.

5. One of the original cast of The Avengers is a Skrull

Yes that’s right, I’m going there! I’ve saved the craziest prediction for last. So as we already know, this film will be featuring a lot from the alien Kree / Skrull war. If anybody knows anything about Skrulls, then you know that they are capable of shape shifting into anybody they want, meaning that infiltrating a team like The Avengers would be easy. We already know from the trailer that they we will see the Skrulls shape shifting into other people (That poor old lady) so it is not too crazy to suggest that it will happen with a character we are already very familiar with. I already mentioned in my first prediction that Nick Fury might be a Skrull, and he might well be. But wouldn’t it be amazing if we found out in a post credit scene that one of our surviving Avengers is actually an undercover alien agent and may well have been for sometime. If they decide to go down this route then Kevin Feige (Our lord and saviour, praise be onto him) would have to oversee things and be careful as not to ruin a movie that has come before with this new information that this particular character was somebody else all along. On the other hand, if this is done right then it will open the door for Marvel to start doing a Secret Invasion storyline which could easily be the main plot point to carry them through Phase 4.

So those are my Captain Marvel predictions! Do you agree with them? Or do you think I’m way off? We will find out soon enough but until then, let me know what you think in the comments below.