We’re back with yet another instalment of Respawning’s Let’s Talk series, where every Friday we get every one of our charismatic writers together to discuss a new topic! Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that it’s San Diego Comic-Con this week so we thought why not turn out attention to comic books this week, more specifically the upcoming Marvel Universe Event – Absolute Carnage. It seems nobody is safe from the Sinister Symbiote when Carnage comes calling but who do we think will play victim? Let’s Talk – Characters in the Marvel Universe we want to see get “Carnaged” in the upcoming Absolute Carnage event…


The character I want to see controlled by carnage is the one and only merc with a mouth, in recent years his comics have lost their edge a little. Ever since he seperated with madcap, became an Avenger and got a daughter old Wade Wilson has become a bit less of an anti hero and just a standard hero… It would be great to see him bond with the crazy ass symbiote and become a bit nuts again wouldn’t it!

My second choice would be Thor, just because… Freaking imagine that power.


So Marvel is a thing, a pretty popular thing. They’ve got a lot of iconic faces and names among their roster. But the Symbiotes have to be some of the most interesting… And of the Symbiotes, Carnage is king. Personally, I think a Carnaged up Rocket Racoon would be fun to see – I have images of The Mask level of guns on display if that ever happened. I think the recent MCU portrayal of him would make it even more interesting, as he seems to be a bit more emotionally messed up. A Carnaged up Rocket would certainly make quite a mess; wonder what the visuals would look like.   


I’m so far behind with Marvel right now that I can’t really take a logical guess, so I’m going to go with just what I think would be cool. As Javi already said, Thor would be badass! Buuuuut my pick is going to be Sentry. Sentry has already shown he’s more powerful than Carnage, but given that Carnage is now stronger (I assume given this event happening, again I’m not really up to date), he could in theory bond with Sentry to create a terrifying and overpowering force that I’d happily pay to see! Imagine Sentry doing his signature ‘rip a dude clean in half’ move but bonded with Carnage… Yes, please.

Will J

Wolverine. A character already so full of internal rage, so capable in destruction, and so driven by his base instincts – Seeing Logan fight against Carnage and try to find his humanity amidst the mind control would be a strangely touching plot point for such a graphic series of comics.

Image result for scary wolverine sewer


There’s a plethora of characters who could be improved with a good ol’ fashioned bit of carnage-ation. Out of all though I’ve got all the time in the world for X-23 becoming a screaming red symbiote. Way back when there was a the buzz around original Wolverine becoming a symbiote during the events of Spiderman: Web of Shadows. I think there’s a lot to be said for daughter to follow in the gross oozey footsteps. Let’s face it, how dope would it be to watch the heroes gather to battle a screaming symbiote with twin claws and the ability to heal through everything they throw at it! It’s not something I’d want to contend with and would make a decent action sequence!


I don’t really know anything about absolute Carnage… Like at all… But apparantly theres something related to it coming up soon. I think I’m going to pick Captain America, because seeing a crazy Captain America as opposed to the normal version sounds fun!


OOoo boy now it’s really my time to shine and you bet your sweet ass I am going to cheat on this one. See, I know a few characters who are going to be Carnaged in the upcoming event and I am so full of hype. However, the clear winner for me has to go to my current favorite run of comics – Ghost Spider.


Whilst I don’t read the current Marvel comics at the moment, the Absolute Carnage event sounds amazing. Carnage returning, and going all The Thing on a small town and some heroes? Nice! Thinking about who would be really messed up for Carnage to take over, I honestly can’t think of anyone better than Aunt May. Whilst I’m not sure of the developments with Spiderman in the comics right now, I feel that removing – or at least permenantly altering – someone so important to our Spider will push him in new directions. The trick is, if they did this, they would have to commit to it for a few years at least – We all know they wouldn’t have the guts to kill her off for good, but a good five, ten years would allow for some interesting developments, no?


Personally I haven’t dipped into Marvel comics like, at all, so obviously my knowledge here will be stunted massively in comparison to most of the guys above… But come on. The (From what I can see) return of Carnage-fused Iron Man would be fucking fantastic. Let’s see how malicious, chaotic instinct drives and infects logical, orderly machinery such as Jarvis.