How long has it been now? What was life outside of Batman? Was there even a life outside of Batman? Have I ever been interested in anything that wasn’t Batman? I just don’t know anymore… Help me, I’m scared. I have finished Arkham Knight in the past week and well… You know what? I loved it. I think it might be my favourite of the Arkham franchise – No joke. I honestly didn’t mind the Bat Tank sections and found that the game never felt like it overstayed it’s welcome for me like Origins and City did towards the end.

HOWEVER, what I did do with Knight was skip through most of the busy work. I didn’t do the Firemen, I didn’t do the Riddler trophies, I didn’t do any of the mercenaries stuff because I simply just could not be bothered. I loved the few villains I did do and any game that lets me play as Nightwing gets an extra pass from me.

I loved Arkham Knight.

Alongside this I tried to watch Batman: Hush and well… What the hell? That film takes the best Batman comic storyline of all time and just shits all over it. Everything about it has been ruined in this animated farcical. I wont say much more here as I know a few of the Respawning gang want to watch it and they wouldn’t forgive me for spoiling it but all I can say is… Doing LITERALLY anything else with your hour and 20 minutes will be time better spent. Fuck this movie.

I also started to read through the New 52’s “Detective comics” which I am having a lot of fun with and whilst it’s still early days for it I am already enjoying it more than I liked Incorporated and that’s saying a lot as I liked that a lot too.

I also bought Joker: Killer Smile which is hands down the sexiest comic book I have ever gotten my grubby mitts on and the paper quality (something for Javier here) is up there as some of the highest I have ever felt, between this and Joker: Year of the Villain the next one of these posts could very well be me tipping over and going full Jokerised obsession with Batman so watch this space.

Some people have recommended a few other of Batman’s graphic novels to me recently including Batman RIP and Batman and Son so I will be taking a look over these in the next few days and playing all of the Arkham Knight’s DLC packs before moving onto the Telltale games.

Do you have a Batman family comic I should read? Any ideas what I should add to my to play list? Let me know in the comments below.

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